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Mya (Leir II)

Mya is the second planet from the sun of the Leir system. Although it was discovered in 2677, it remained undeveloped until 2743, when Galor Messer IX sold the terraforming and mining rights of Leir II to Hatfield & Harding to fund his long-term project to redesign UEE government buildings. The company hired University of Persei Analytical Research and Quantification (UPARQ) terraforming expert Dr. Marcus Fayel to lead the project. Over the next few decades, Fayel oversaw operations while running a clandestine mining operation of his own and cultivating a base of devoted followers. In 2812, Fayel abruptly ended all communication from the system to Hatfield & Harding and the United Empire of Earth (UEE) at large. Subsequent attempts by the company to retake the planet were violently rebuffed by what turned out to be a cult with Fayel at the helm that called themselves the Sun's Eye Fellowship. They renamed the planet Mya. Now known as the Outsiders for their philosophy of remaining away from the "impure" influence of the UEE, this fringe society conducts trade primarily with the Banu Protectorate in order to remain "pure."

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