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Parker Terrell

Parker Terrell (2888 - present) is a Human investigative journalist and host of the talk show Plain Truth. Until 2943, he worked as a reporter for New United, where he published multiple exposés and built a reputation as a tenacious and opinionated columnist. Terrell vanished for three months after appearing on the debate program Showdown!, where he asserted that the United Empire of Earth (UEE) government had illegally used a super-weapon to destroy the surface of the planet Ellis XI. After he was found on Vann (Croshaw III) and questioned by Advocacy officials, he again appeared on Showdown! and insisted that he had been chased into hiding for speaking the truth. New United shortly terminated his contract. In the wake of this controversy, Terrell accepted a job offer from Spectrum to develop a talk show. Plain Truth debuted in 2944.

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