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  • Affiliation

  • Discovered In

    pre-2541 (Tevarin) 2941 (Human)

  • Jump Point Connections


  • Number of planets


  • Locations

    • Kabal I
    • Kabal II
    • Kabal III
    • Kabal cluster alpha

The Kabal system is a planetary system in the United Empire of Earth (UEE), composed of an F-type main sequence star, a protoplanet, two terrestrial planets, and an asteroid cluster. In 2941, stellar surveyor Usuni Colo of the Imperial Cartography Center discovered a jump point to the system from Leir. At first, it appeared that the system was empty, but Tevarin cities abandoned sometime during the First Tevarin War (2492 - 2496) were found on Kabal III. Colonization of the system is prohibited to protect the integrity of this important archaeological site.

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