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    The wreckage of the UEES Flyssa

The UEES Flyssa was a Javelin-class destroyer that crashed on the surface of Daymar (Stanton 2b) in 2862 and was last commanded by Captain Chin Ormiston of the United Empire of Earth (UEE)Navy. Launched in 2779 after a three year construction process, it was initially used as a patrol ship in systems near Vanduul territory under Captain Thembeka Muholi. It intercepted and destroyed three Vanduul Blades in the Odin system in 2801, and participated in a reconnaissance mission to Vanduul space in 2819. After Muholi’s retirement in 2857, the Flyssa was assigned to the Stanton system under the command of Captain Chin Ormiston. The Flyssa was fatally damaged by the explosion of a fleeing spacecraft during an operation to remove illegal miners from Daymar. The resultant shower of debris and ore fragments shredded the thrusters, causing an overload when the Captain ordered a retreat. The Flyssa then careened onto the surface of the moon below. All 65 souls aboard perished.

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