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Terrence Akari
  • Born


  • Died


  • Classification


  • Affiliation

    United Empire of Earth (UEE)

  • Occupation

    Senator of Terra (2781-2789; 2792-2812)

Terrence Akari (2743-2859) was the Senator of Terra (Terra III) from 2781 to 2789, and again from 2792 to 2812. He was the first Human to defy Linton Messer XI and broker détente between Humans and Xi’an. In 2789, Akari secretly crossed the Perry Line to Tohil III with the aid of Advocacy Section Chief for Terra Nathan Warrick to negotiate a non-aggression pact on behalf of Terra with Emperor Kr.ē. Upon his return to Terra, Akari convened an emergency delegation of the Governors' Council to ratify the treaty he had negotiated. It was unanimously approved. Terra officially declared its refusal to support any acts of war against the Xi’an. Because the declaration was seen as an act of treason, Akari was forced to go into hiding for a short time to escape Linton’s agents. After 2792’s Anti-Messer Revolution, Akari helped create the Office of Executive Services in 2794. He retired from the Senate in 2812.

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