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Kellar Lench

Dr. Kellar Lench (2514 - 2573) was the first Human to locate the Elysium system and the Tevarin civilization in 2541. A research scientist, his first job after obtaining his doctorate was with the New Horizons Research Institute, a subsidiary of the Hathor Group. After a solo assignment on Yar (Centauri II) that lasted over 250 days, Lench abandoned his post, resigned from New Horizons, and visited Fujin City on Saisei (Centauri III). On 15 November 2541, he discovered a jump point in Centauri that led to a planetary system teeming with life. His decision to share his findings with the United Planets of Earth (UPE) led to first contact with the Tevarin, which would trigger the First Tevarin War (2541 - 2546). Lench went on to become a lecturer at the Martian Institute of Space Technology (MIST), where he taught physics until his death from complications related to alcoholism in 2573.

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