Ark Galactapedia'ūng System

The'ūng system is a planetary system in the Xi'an Empire, consisting of a G-type main sequence star, three terrestrial planets, one gas giant, one dwarf planet, and one asteroid belt. Discovered in MXY III.802 (SEY 2483) by a scanning drone owned by the Xi'an Service (Pō’t.ōngp.ū), the system was primarily used by the Xi'an government as a testbed for experimental terraforming technology. In MXY III.838 (SEY 2530), Human navjumper Kathryn Segovia discovered the'ūng-Baker jump point and sold its location to the terraforming company Gaia Planet Services (GPS). In order to offset the cost of this purchase, GPS chose not to report the jump point to the United Planets of Earth (UPE). When their surveyors landed on the third world from the system's sun, they were quickly captured by the Xi'an, thus kicking off the events that would start the Xi'an-Human Cold War (MXY III.838 - III.1044 / SEY 2530 - 2793).

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