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Oberon System

The Oberon system is an unclaimed planetary system discovered in 2356 that consists of a neutron star, a super-Earth, a terrestrial planet, two protoplanets, a mesoplanet, a gas dwarf, and a gas giant. In spite of its dangerous, dim star and multiple connections to Vanduul-occupied systems, there are majority-Human settlements on Gonn (Oberon I) and Uriel (Oberon II). Because the neutron star at the system's center makes above-ground colonization profoundly dangerous, nearly all homesteads in Oberon are located underground. In 2946, the United Empire of Earth Navy (UEEN) received intelligence that a Vanduul Clan was preparing to launch an invasion of the Oberon system. Under the orders of Admiral Ernst Bishop, the UEES Retribution ambushed and destroyed the Clan as it entered the system. Since then, the UEEN has maintained a presence in Oberon in case of future Vanduul attacks.

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