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Jalan (Elysium IV)

Jalan is the most populous planet in the Elysium system, United Empire of Earth (UEE), and is the home planet of Tevarin. Originally called Kaleeth, it was annexed by the United Planets of Earth (UPE) at the end of the First Tevarin War (2541 - 2546) and colonized by Humans, displacing many Tevarin. Warlord Corath’thal launched the Second Tevarin War (2603 - 2610) to retake the lost planet, but his efforts ultimately failed. In 2610, it was recognized by the UEE Senate and renamed Jalan. The oldest known Tevarin structures that survived both Tevarin wars and the Purge can be found here; most notably, the Rijoran Temple in Gemma. In 2946, one of its current Senators, Suj Kossi, became the first Tevarin elected to the Senate.

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