Ark Galactapedia

  • Industry

  • Founded

    2536-2862, reopened in 2941

  • Headquarters

    Saisei (Centauri III)

  • Products


Tumbril Land Systems is a terrestrial vehicle manufacturer that reformed in 2941 after first closing in 2862. Originally founded on Yar (Centauri II) in 2536, its first product was the DX20, a wheeled vehicle designed by founders Kavya Crosby and Aaron Douze. Due to the DX20's success, Tumbril became a military contractor during the First Tevarin War (2541-2546) where it became a fixture of the military. After the fall of the Messers in 2792, its military contracts were drastically reduced. The company declared bankruptcy in 2862. In 2941, DevCo Group purchased the Tumbril name and resurrected the brand and its designs, updating them for the 30th century. The new Tumbril Land Systems launch line up included the Cyclone armored ground vehicle and Nova battle tank.

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