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Paul LeSalle

Paul LeSalle (2881 - present) is a Human businessman, former chairperson of the Centralist party (2942 - 2948), and former Senator of Cassel (Goss II) (2915 - 2939). As a Senator, he advocated for lower taxes and created an incentive system for businesses to move their operations to Cassel. LeSalle retired from the Senate in 2939, shortly after his former business partner Alin Hastings was convicted of multiple counts of embezzlement and tax evasion. After spending three years growing his hauling company and spending time with his family, he returned to politics as chair of the Centralist party in 2942. In April 2950, he succeeded in his bid to be elected as one of the five final candidates for Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE). His campaign promised to include tax breaks for corporations and small business owners, reassessing the Fair Chance Act, creating programs to support bounty hunters and local militias, mandatory military service to receive certain civil benefits, and the implementation of the Safe & Secure Initiative: a program to replace jail time for minor criminal infractions with a system of fines and service.

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