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Banu Protectorate

The Banu Protectorate (BP) is an allied coalition of planet-states and city-states, some based in Banu flotillas, that make up Banu-controlled territory. A governmental body called the Protectorate or the Protectorate Council, made up of hundreds of individual Banu, maintains connections between Banu systems and manages high-level administrative tasks. Essosouli from across Banu space can be called to convene in the Bacchus system and join the Protectorate in debating issues that affect the Banu as a whole in an event known as the Gathering(eTseyæ Yæ). The BP maintains friendly trade relations with most known spacefaring civilizations.


Because Banu do not keep historical records, it is unclear when in their history they formed the Protectorate. The earliest known iteration of the BP was encountered in MXY III.364 (SEY 1924) in the Trise system, upon Banu-Xi'an First Contact. At that time, the Banu had already settled in multiple planetary systems, and were utilizing the Protectorate Council and the Gathering as a method of large-scale management. The BP has continued to operate in the same manner since that time. Given the current consensus among xeno-anthropologists that the Banu people are originally from the ocean world Bacchus II, it is speculated that the earliest form of the BP emerged based on alliances between the small island-nations that make up the majority of land on the planet.


Each planet-state and city-state within the BP is governed by one or more political and bureaucratic Soulis that plan the tasks needed to keep their locales operating smoothly, and then execute them by forming contracts with Soulis that perform said tasks. These include energy production and distribution, water service, sewage processing, road maintenance, garbage collection, and many others. Compensated for their work via a complex system involving bartering combined with monetary payment, these Soulis hold a great deal of power, and are known to withdraw their services if they encounter unfavorable conditions. Conversely, if they gain a reputation for operating in bad faith, they may face retaliation from other Soulis. Although there are some truly independent groups of Banu that operate in their own unique manners, this method of governance is the most common one used in the BP.

Similar to the Soulis that operate planet-states, the Protectorate Council takes care of the tasks necessary to keep Banu society functional from the top down. These include the distribution of shared currency, the management of inter-civilization trade, the negotiation of treaties, and other ministerial activity. Banu who want a seat on the Protectorate must purchase it directly from their predecessors. In some cases they are handpicked for purchase of the seat, usually from among the non-Protectorate affiliated Essosouli who attend the Gathering. The most successful members of the Protectorate are those who know how to balance the pursuit of their own agenda with the necessity of working with others to achieve a common goal.

The Gathering is the most important political event in the BP. Generally held on an as-needed basis, it tends to occur two or three times per Standard Earth Year, although sometimes multiple years can pass between meetings. Issues that will affect the entirety of the BP are presented and debated at Gatherings, such as the valuation of their shared currency, the renegotiation of trade agreements, the reassessment of laws and customs, the state of the BP's borders, and others. Grievances between Soulis are also aired and resolved in the interest of preventing armed conflict from breaking out between the planets and city-states.

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