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Dalton Colabello

Dalton Colabello (b.2858) is the founder and CEO of Apocalypse Arms. Born on Borea (Magnus III) to a low-income family, Colabello joined his uncle's contracting company upon attaining his Equivalency. He broke off and founded his own construction business in 2884, eventually becoming a millionaire in 2887 when he renovated a series of warehouses on behalf of Drake Interplanetary. In 2911, his antique weapon collecting hobby led him to a crate of ship weapon prototypes found on Cestulus (Davien II) with unknown origins. Captivated by their unique design and potential power, he began a long investigation that eventually led him to the great-granddaughter of Juliet Maupin, a former Aegis Dynamics engineer who had developed the armaments under contract from the Messer regime. Colabello purchased the original design documents and production rights from the family and used Maupin's work as the basis for a debut line of weapons for his new company Apocalypse Arms, founded in 2913.

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