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Theresa Branaugh

Theresa Branaugh (2835 - 2873?) was a geologist, surveyor, and explorer best known for her unofficial discovery of the Branaugh system some time before 2877. Like many other explorers, she dreamed of discovering a new planetary system, a goal to which she dedicated all of her time. In order to fund her expeditions, she would regularly borrow from loan sharks, which sometimes led to her fleeing to other systems when repayment was due. Her friends reported her missing in 2873 after she failed to return from an expedition to the Chronos system. Her body was found four years later in a remote cave on Branaugh II by explorer Desmond Fell, near the wreckage of her spacecraft. Although the Advocacy did not identify her killer, they were able to determine that her ship was shot down by someone who was using the area as a hideout. Fell named the system in her honor.

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