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The Great Divide (Xi'an Civil War)
  • Type

  • Date(s)

    20044-19755 BCE

  • Location

    Hyoton system

  • Participants

    Xi'an Houses Chii, Ru'a, Kl.ō, and Uai'i

  • Results

    Xi'an homeworld RyiX'yan (Hyoton III) rendered uninhabitable; new capital established on Ka'ua (Hyoton IV); first Imperial House established, Xi'an Civil Service established

The Great Divide (the Xi’an Civil War) took place from 20044 to 19755 BCE. The outcome of millennia of inter-House conflicts and complex webs of enmity and allyship, it began when the last daughter of House Kl.ō attempted defection to House Uai'i. Hostilities between the Houses grew deadly, and Houses Chii and Ru'a were compelled to join a now system-wide civil war. The war concluded when members of House Kl.o sabotaged RyiX'yans (Hyoton III) network of antique weather satellites, intending to assassinate the leadership of Houses Uai'i, Ru'a, and Chii during tentative peace talks. This inadvertently triggered a chain reaction that destroyed RyiX'yans atmosphere, rendering the planet uninhabitable and killing millions. Survivors evacuated to the colony world Ka’ua (Hyoton IV). The events of the Great Divide forced the Xi’an to reassess their culture. The calendar was reset to I.0 (19747 BCE), the Civil Service was established, a new capital was established on Ka’ua, and Ru’a was elected to serve as the first Imperial House.

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