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Second Tevarin War

The Second Tevarin War was an armed conflict between the Tevarin and the United Empire of Earth that lasted from 2603 to 2610. It began when Corath'thal, a Tevarin warlord, launched a campaign to take back the Tevarin homeworld, Jalan (Elysium IV), from the UEE. Lacking the numbers and resources of the First Tevarin War, the Tevarin waged a protracted, guerilla-based campaign over the next seven years. When it became clear to Corath’thal that the Tevarin were going to be defeated after the Battle of Centauri, he and his remaining forces removed the thermal shielding from their ships and dove into the atmosphere of Jalan. Their self-immolation prompted the Tevarin to cast off the culture that had failed them and fully assimilate into the UEE under the rule of Deacon Messer II.

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