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Untold Tales

Untold Tales is a Spectrum show hosted by Saanvi Tejwani that recounts and explores a single real-world mystery to the audience. The format varies depending on the subject. An episode may present actual footage or re-enactments of incidents to examine a mystery, coupled with interviews with involved individuals or commentary from experts. Cold cases, supernatural phenomena, unexpected alien discoveries, missing persons, and unexplained historical events are the most common topics. The show's introductory monologue has become an element of popular culture, especially the final line, "These are the universe's Untold Tales," or "This is Untold Tales."


Each episode of Untold Tales opens with a montage composed of footage, images, and re-enactments that will be used in the episode, over which the host recites a monologue expounding on the unexplained happenings of the universe. Usually one mystery is covered, but sometimes up to three are explored in depth. At the end of each episode, the host wraps things up by asking unanswered questions raised by the mystery, inviting the viewers to solve it if they can. If a cold case was the main focus, the host asks the audience to contact the show if they have any information that will help bring the perpetrator to justice.


Untold Tales began as a series of seven specials hosted by Ellroy Cass and Saanvi Tejwani beginning in 2945, covering famous paranormal phenomena throughout the UEE, such as the Hades cryptid and the lost civilization of Terra (Terra III). The specials earned high ratings, so much so that the producers ordered a full-fledged series. At first, the plan was to continue with two hosts, but Cass declined to sign the contract when they accepted a starring role in the then-upcoming film Crimson Tower. Production continued, and the first episode debuted in mid-2945 with Tejwani at the helm. It covered the 2711 unsolved robbery of the Greater Davien Bank and Trust, the mystery of the empty starliner Gisele Tamar discovered drifting near Abyss (Orion IV) in 2903, and reported ghost sightings near the site of the long-since-collapsed Oretani jump point.

Tejwani's grave yet dramatic narration style quickly became synonymous with the show. Apparel featuring her signature line "These are the universe's Untold Tales," sold out in its first run on Voyager Direct. When Tejwani took a leave of absence for personal reasons in 2947, ratings experienced a sharp drop, only to recover when Tejwani returned late that same year.


Viewers are occasionally given updates when a case is solved. Most famously, missing person and former child star Eliu Jalan Cervantes, abducted in 2940, was found living on Delamar in the Nyx system in 2948 under the assumed name Uriel Kane thanks to an anonymous tip from viewers. His manager Liberato Kane was arrested and convicted of the kidnapping, and Cervantes returned to his family.

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