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Illyana Messer VI
  • Born


  • Died


  • Classification


  • Affiliation

    United Empire of Earth (UEE)

  • Occupation

    Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (2662-2697)

Illyana Messer VI (2631-2697) was Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) from 2662 to 2697 after the assassination of her father, Corsen Messer V. Under her rule, the UEE lessened some of its propaganda practices, allowing news organizations to criticize aspects of the government without retribution. Near the end of her life, she named her youngest son Samuel as her successor over his brother Galor in order to avoid a power struggle between her children. In spite of this precaution, her niece Astrid seized the throne upon Illyana’s death in 2697, sparking a four year stretch of armed conflicts between family loyalists.

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