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Se'kith ('ūng III)

Se'kith ('ūng III) is a terrestrial planet in the'ūng system, Xi'an Empire (SaoXy'an), and is the third world from its sun. Soon after its MXY III.802 (SEY 2483) discovery, the Xi'an government designated it as a testbed for new terraforming and geohacking technologies. These endeavors were abandoned in MXY III.838 (SEY 2530), when Human terraforming company Gaia Planet Services dispatched a survey team to the planet without oversight from the United Planets of Earth (UPE) government. They were taken into custody by the military, where they were held captive until the UPE agreed to reveal the extent of their territory and the locations of all their systems. This was the first encounter between Human and Xi'an, and historians credit tensions arising from this incident as one of the primary causes of the Xi'an-Human Cold War (MXY III.838 - III.1044 / SEY 2530 - 2793).

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