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  • Born


  • Died


  • Classification


  • Affiliation

    United Empire of Earth

  • Occupation

    Folk musician (2907-2931)

Gal Dougan (2868-unknown) was a Human folk singer. She began her career as a miner in her family’s business, but is famous throughout Human settled space for both her distinct music and the mysterious circumstances surrounding her disappearance. Known for her elegant orchestrations, blue-collar poetic lyrics, and a unique singing style that is commonly referred to in music publications as "that Gal Dougan sound," her original compositions over four albums tend to deal with the joys and sorrows of work, love, and family through a gritty lens, the result of her turbulent upbringing as part of a hardscrabble mining family. She disappeared after a concert in 2931. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

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