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CUSTOMER SERVICES UPDATEPlease read the HOT ISSUESBEFORE submitting a support ticket.

2.4 PTU Invite Requests – CS cannot offer these on request!

After seeing a few of these requests come in, we must catagorically state that we are unable to offer PTU access on request. Please do not send in tickets requesting PTU access, as this is catagorically something the CS team cannot offer you, and such requests will be declined.

This applies to Concierge, and Subscribers as well. ;)

Merchandise – Shipping Dates (Subject to Change)

Please make note of the shipping dates when ordering these items from the pledge store. Some items, such as the DogTags or Starmaps are pre-orders.

We are expecting shipping for the below items as follows:

Manufacturer Patch Set – July 2016
DogTags – June 2016
Starmap – May 2016
UEE Patch Set – Shipping Now
Anvil Aerospace Mouse Pads – June 2016
JumpPoint Vol 2 – Spring 2016
Track Jacket and Card Combo – Shipping Now

As soon as these items are shipped, you will gain an email with a tracking ID number. Please note that as soon as you gain the shipping notice, we are unable to correct addresses and redirect items when shipping begins. Plan accordingly.

Since most items ship from China, please allow a maximum of 6 business weeks for them to export and clear customs.

Ship Unmelts – Melt with Caution and Care.

Please note that since the introduction of the buyback system, the CS team are unable to recover pledges melted on request. In past cases, this was only ever done as an exception.

As always, please melt with care, it is intended to be permanent as suggeested by the warning dislogue before melting your pledge.

The Buy back token is issued every 90 Calendar days, and not before. The CS team cannot offer these tokens on request.

Ship Upgrades – These are permanent once applied.

When applying a ship upgrade, it is intended to be permanent, and this is warned via dialogue and password entry confirmation before doing so.

The CS team are unable to reverse this process, once it has been completed. As such, we urge caution and care before deciding to apply the upgrade. Especially if it is on legacy packages, such as Rear Admiral physical packages.


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