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CUSTOMER SERVICES UPDATE – It’s back to business, and we are still working through the queues to reach you as soon as possible! Please avoid making multiple tickets, and update your existing ticket with any changes. This will make response times quicker for everyone! :)

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Missing UEC in your game package pledge?.

Each Game Package comes with a set of Starting United Earth Credits. This represents the amount of cash your character will have in the Persistent Universe, and will only become available to you when the Persistent Universe launches. Until then, UECs are also available for purchase in the Pledge Store, and can be used to buy Hangar Decorations and Ship Components in Voyager Direct.

Ship UNMELT and UPGRADE Requests

Ship unmelts as well as Hull Upgrade removal is a service Customer Services team can no longer offer at this time.

We have released the new BUY BACK system, which you can access via your Hangar management page when logged into the main website. Here, you can buy back any previously reclaimed pledges.

Please note that they will be reverted back to their original state, before upgrades were applied, and these will be lost in the process if they were previously applied. You would have gained back the value of them (if any) when they were originally reclaimed for store credit.

Alpha, Beta and Module Passes are now Redundant.

Greetings Citizens,

For those concerned with missing Alpha’s and Beta’s through ship melting or otherwise, please be aware that as of hitting 1 MILLION Citizens, we have removed the need for Alpha, Beta and Arena Commander Passes to access the game.

All you need is to have backed for any “Game Package” (this excludes standalone ships).

Here you can find the Official Announcement.

Existing Arena Commander Passes have been converted as follows:

  • Stand Alone Passes have now become $5.00 Store Credit.
  • Passes included with a game package now become 5,000 UEC.

The New Ship Upgrade System.

When upgrading, you will carry over the insurance status of your original package as well as its contents, you will not inherit the status of newer packages.

For example, a concept ship Hull Upgrade will inherit the insurance status of your original package, it will not gain LTI. This only happens if you pledge for the concept ship separately, not via a Hull Upgrade.


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