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Missing UEC in your game package pledge?.

Each Game Package comes with a set of Starting United Earth Credits. This represents the amount of cash your character will have in the Persistent Universe, and will only become available to you when the PU launches. Until then, UECs are also available for purchase in the Pledge Store, and can be used to buy Hangar Decorations and Ship Components in Voyager Direct.

Gifting Pledges gained with Store Credit.

Please note that if a pledge has been previously melted/exchanged for store credit, or pledged using store credit, it cannot be gifted. This is working as designed. More information on gifting can be found Here.

Subscriptions, REC and You!

We are seeing some traffic asking about REC being awarded correctly with subscriptions. To clarify, REC is awarded for each month subscribed that is completed on a recurring monthly plan. The email you gain does not reflect your total subscription time, it is only to notify you of the REC awarded for that month. (Basically a monthly notification!)

The REC is awarded 24 hours after your subscription has been renewed/started.

The exception to this is if you pledge for the annual pass, where it is all awarded in one lump sum.

Reporting Bugs.

We are seeing some traffic come through where bugs are being reported to customer service. While very appreciative, the best place to post these would be via the Issue Council page. Here, you can submit bugs that directly link to our Dev and QA teams and allow the community to decide which bugs are the most critical and should take priority.


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