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CUSTOMER SERVICES UPDATEThe CS team encourage anyone seeking assistance to read the HOT ISSUESBEFORE submitting a support ticket. Thank you.

Prospector Sale ( LTI, Upgrades, Downgrades, Shenanigans.)

We are seeing some traffic about the Prospector and I wanted to raise a few points here.

  • As stated on the ship upgrade page, LTI will not be gained when upgrading to the prospector. The standalone version and the upgrade are two seperate classifications, you will not gain LTI by upgrading to this ship. The Upgrade system is designed to preserve the contents of your original package.

(This includes insurance levels)

  • At present, you are unable to “Downgrade” to the Prospector if you have a higher tier ship package.

Please avoid making tickets with these requests, as we will be unable to action either point as this is working as intended.

Merchandise – Shipping Dates (Subject to Change)

Please make note of the shipping dates when ordering these items from the pledge store. Some items, such as the DogTags or Starmaps are pre-orders.

We are expecting shipping for the below items as follows:

Manufacturer Patch Set – July 2016
DogTags – June 2016
Starmap – May 2016
UEE Patch Set – Shipping Now
Anvil Aerospace Mouse Pads – June 2016
JumpPoint Vol 2 – Spring 2016

As soon as these items are shipped, you will gain an email with a tracking ID number. Please note that as soon as you gain the shipping notice, we are unable to correct addresses and redirect items when shipping begins. Plan accordingly.

Since most items ship from China, please allow a maximum of 6 business weeks for them to export and clear customs.

PTU Access Invites

Please do not contact Customer Services requesting an invite to the PTU. This is something we will catagorically be unable to assist you with, during this particular test period. You will know if you are invited, via email notification. :)

The PTU is only a stress test which is done before establishing a stable version for the live build of Alpha testing. It offers no exclusive content, that would not otherwise be published to Alpha live anyway. :)

This includes Subscribers and Concierge. Sorry folks!

Missing UEC in your game package pledge?

Each Game Package comes with a set of Starting United Earth Credits. This represents the amount of cash your character will have in the Persistent Universe, and will only become available to you when the Persistent Universe launches. Until then, UECs are also available for purchase in the Pledge Store, and can be used to buy Hangar Decorations and Ship Components in Voyager Direct.


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