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Customer Service Update: RESPONSE TIMES: We hope you enjoyed GamesCom! – The queues have spiked after the event, and our CS team is working as quickly as possible to reach your query. Please note that response times will be delayed during this period.

2.5 Release
The CS team have no prior knowledge on specific release dates, including 3.0. As such, please avoid making queries asking about this, as we will not be able to answer. When news is available, it will be announced via the comm-link.

Merchandise – Shipping Dates (Subject to Change)

Please make note of the shipping dates when ordering these items from the pledge store. Some items, such as the DogTags or Starmaps, are pre-orders. Please Note: Physical items attached to pledges have NOT shipped out yet

We are expecting shipping for the below items as follows:

DogTagsIn production, shipping in September 2016
JumpPoint Vol 2Shipping Now
Star Citizen Polo Shirt – September 2016 [TBC]
Combo Jacket and CardsShipping
StarmapShipping Now
Big Benny’s ShirtShipping September/October 2016
DragonFly PosterOctober 2016

As soon as these items are shipped, you will be sent an email with a tracking ID number. Please note that as soon as you receive the shipping notice, we are unable to correct addresses and redirect items when shipping begins.

Since most items ship from China, please allow a maximum of 6 business weeks for them to export and clear customs.

Flight Training Module – Disabled

We’ve seen a number of tickets regarding the training module, namely that it was disabled or you do not have permissions. This has been done intentionally so that we can work to improve the training experience and bring it back online at a later date.

If you are looking to learn the ropes, we recommend jumping into Free Flight which offers an ideal arena to get a feel for the flight model.

You can find a keybinding sheet for 2.4 on the following link:

Or alternatively, via your game menu.


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