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-“ENEMY CONTACT” was formed from the active ranks of 17th Strike Squadron.

The (USAF) 17th squadron was stood up on the 14th of July 1942 . Their role was air recon with the P-38 Lightning. They transitioned to McDonnell RF-101F-56-MC Voodoo, McDonnell RF-4C-37-MC Phantom. The planes may have changed over the years but the 17th continue to serve to this day. When Earths politics went global, many of the military assets were amalgamated into what would become the “Planetary Defense Network”. In early 2724 the PDN passed a “relevancy article”, giving it’s military units the ability to modify unit signage as they saw fit. A huge backlash ensued where original members liked being able to trace their history back. The idea gained traction and became more widely accepted as time went on and those members retired.

August 3, 2940
The 17th Strike was on a training sortie, and under radio silence. Capt. Brian “Noobifier” was forced to break silence when three Vandull reconnaissance fighters jumped directly in the center of their training space. The words “ENEMY CONTACT” were broadcasted in plain on the command frequency. The breach gave the 17th a heads up which allowed them to converge. The loadout for the training mission was non damaging distortion cannons. Without hesitation, Capt. Andrew “Rall” singled out the lead enemy ship and disabled the ship before it was able to retreat. He was credited with the first successful capture of an intact Vandull “Raider” class ship. The pilot of the disabled raider was captured alive and was interrogated.

Because of their success, “17th Strike Squadron” was decorated that day.

Noobifier” was promoted to Major, and appointed as “Strike Leader”.
“ Capt. AndrewRall” was also offered a promotion and his own squadron.
He turned down the promotion to remain with the 17th as their “Strike Second”.

For weeks after, whenever the 17th entered the mess for chow, the briefing room or even the flight deck; people would yell “ENEMY CONTACT” making fun of the breach of communication protocol. The name stuck and on the 21st of August 2940, it became the name they would adopt to this day.


August 23, 2936 at the age of 21, “Paldren” enlisted as a UEE Marine. He was drawn to the life of a soldier. After basic training he excelled in ground based tactics and boarding operations. Paldren quickly rose through the ranks of the enlisted men and had a decorated career. People would never say that he was easy to converse with. War changed him, you could always see that he was calculating and evaluating. Paldren always got the job done. He had his share of disciplinary proceedings. His desire to win sometimes led to unorthodox tactics. The last straw was when he told his CO, “They’re not going to kill themselves sir”. He was offered prison or release. Paldren took the out and heard about a small group called Enemy Contact. He is currently the ground force second team leader.

January 17, 2941, Sergeant Major First Class, Andrew “A-BOMB” was mentioned in “The UEE Defense Monthly” for his suggestion. He replaced the semiconductor diodes with a solid state diode of his design. He was able to reduce the heat output of the Mk1 laser repeater by 28%. The modification consumed less power and increased effect on target. This engineering insight allowed pilots with upgraded weapons to shoot for longer duration without overheating their guns. The Mk2 line of repeaters incorporated this design and required a less bulky heat dissipation system, making it easier to mass produce and perform maintenance. Word had spread about his design. During a visit, the Force Chief had asked him to change his call sign to something more “normal”. Andrew simply said in a respectful tone, “Sir, when you design a cool gun upgrade, we can talk about my name change.”

February 14, 2941. Capt. Chris “Mars” almost killed himself by flying too close to the surface of the fourth planet in the sol system. It was an attempt to impress the installation staff and prove once and for all, who had the hairiest balls in the fleet. “Mars” split the under panel of his Gladius such that it broke off of his ship. The gun camera footage and cockpit recording surfaced on the network and went viral. The panel was recovered and presented to him after his court martial. He was given a minor reprimand. To this day, the red soil damaged panel can be seen mounted to the bulkhead inside the aft torpedo bay of his Aeigs Retaliator. His name “Claspedmars” is a combination of his previous call sign and the planet Mars. He now simply goes by the name “MARS”.

August 3, 2941 Lt. Mike “Staler” was invited as part of the 17th to return to the ‘academy’ to share his experiences in the Vandull incident with the students and faculty. The assembly went very well and as the students gathered on the landing pad for a reception, Lt. Mike in an attempt to impress Dr. Sarah Rook, his academy crush and now head of the Psych Dept, stalled the main thrusters of his Gladius. The choked out engines smoked out the majority of the parade. The resulting hard landing left a noticeable dent in the pad. To this day cadets avoid landing on pad 10 when possible believing it is cursed. Lt. “Staler” was ordered to pay for damages, the accounts dept. at the academy are still waiting for the first installment.

Capt. AndrewRall” became bored of the lifestyle and took his release with full honors.

Major. Brian “Noobifier” retired three years and two months after taking command of the 17th. He was due for promotion and would have been posted away from “ENEMY CONTACT”. His new position would be essentially a desk job managing a training academy. He retired without any ceremony at his request and without a plan.
Months later, there were rumors that he had bought a Carrack and started a small company. As members retired, some found purpose working freelance with Brian. He tries hard to keep the work coming, looking for escort jobs and security gigs.

Major. Faust “RedShirt” was promoted and replaced The Noobifier as Squadron Commander of the 17th upon his retirement. His squadron saw a lot of action patrolling the space near Vandull territory. Only 25 months into his command, the 17th was disbanded due to re-org. He was offered a transfer. Disgusted with the idea of continuing on in another unit, he joined the rest of Enemy Contact . He bought a brand new Aegis Sabre and fully customized the weapon loadout. No expense was spared, with upgraded shield generators, and targeting sensors. His signature “Flat OD Green and Flat Black” paint scheme is infamous within the sector. He was once asked why he carries three sidearms. “I don’t like not being ready to deal with space assholes!” was his answer. He is the flight leader for most close escort missions. A fighter pilot first, and second to none. Lately, he has focused on building up his boarding teams known as the “EC Marines”. They perform as a surgical organized force ready for anything. A proficient soldier and leader, he plans the best mission to ensure his troops are ready for any threat. His boarding parties are always the most exciting and lucrative missions.


The org was the starting point of their post service life. Alone exploring the verse, with hardship and success, they became a stronger team. As they expanded, they grew apart. The members moved on to more personal endeavors. Now, more frequently they fly freelance in small secure groups, but when you need help, the brothers and sisters of “ENEMY CONTACT” are on the comm link, and ready.

Exploration, Close Escort, Salvage, Running Cargo, and Eating Beef Tacos.. Are the daily staple of “ENEMY CONTACT”.
“You Buy… We Fly, (and eat Tacos)


Here’s to “Crazy

The Forgotten. The Rebel. The Hero.

The ones who see things differently.
They have not fondness of rules.
They have no respect for the status quo.

You can praise them, disagree with them, quote them, disbelieve them, glorify or vilify them.

You can’t ignore them. Because They Change. They Dream. They Imagine. They Explore. They Inspire. They Push.

Maybe they are crazy.

Some may see crazy, we see genius, potential and promise.

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the universe, are the ones who do.

are you Bold and Crazy… Apply for ENEMY CONTACT


Being mostly made up of former soldiers, EC try and sometimes fail to remain out of the criminal side of day to day operations.

“You do what needs to be done. If people try to stop you, and you are in the green, you kill them and soldier on”

or our less public version…

“Get in our way and you get punched in the dick”