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First and foremost, IDAI is a proud member of the Risingstar Mutual Aid Network because success in intergalactic force protection, policing, and security, relies heavily upon success in partnerships and coalition building. IDAI aggressively seeks out unique opportunities for collaboration that opens doors to innovation in accomplishing our goals. In particular, our goals are to pursue syndicates and conglomerates of military, private security, and law enforcement agencies that have the same aspirations in achieving the protection of life, property, and the free enterprise economic systems of this universe.

Cutting-edge technology, information sharing, and personnel and material resources are just a few of the benefits that IDAI brings to these partnerships. This rapidly growing industry is taking on increasing responsibilities in the field of force protection. Unfortunately, misperceptions of para-military corporations can sometimes be a factor in hindering strong partnerships with Government entities.

The private force protection field, in fact, is much more diverse than what many may imagine and in most cases its ability to break through the red tape results in state of the art equipment on hand long before other Agencies have approved testing.
Private security and public law enforcement share many of the same goals: preventing crime and disorder, identifying criminals, and ensuring the security of people and property. As there are more private security practitioners for every one sworn law enforcement officer, effective partnerships can act as a much needed force multiplier. 

Most critical to our success, is our people. Our operatives are the best at what they do, not only because they are highly trained but, because they are extremely loyal and motivated individuals. IDAI is seeking operatives that have motivation and honor to do a job above and beyond what others can only attempt. If you consider yourself one of those individuals we invite you to apply for a position within our corporation.


- Risingstar Mutual Aid Network – member org
- Javelin Special Operations Group – member org
- Javelin Private Military Company – partner and ally
- The Jump Accord – security partner


In September 2914, the Intergalactic and Space Systems Code of Conduct (ISSCC)) was established during a conference in the Centaurus Cluster, to ensure effective implementation of the ISSCC and promote the responsible provision of private security services and force protection corporations. The Intergalactic and Space Systems Code of Conduct (ISSCC) is governed by a Board of Directors with equal representation from the three stakeholder pillars. Its main functions are to provide and support certification, monitoring and complaints resolution. The primary goal of this Corporation is to monitor and enforce this code of conduct throughout the known universe.


Intergalactic and Space Systems Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers articulates a set of standards for companies providing private security services and force protection to comply with universal sentient being rights as well as humanitarian law. The Code requires signatory companies to comply with these obligations regardless of the constitutional obligations of all planets, solar systems, and galaxies concerned. The Code was finalized in October 2914 and first signed by IDAC in November 2914.

In addition to establishing industry standards, this CODE aims to improve accountability of the PARA-MILITARY industry by establishing an independent oversight mechanism. As a minimum, the Code states that the mechanism is to include certification, auditing, monitoring and reporting. A Steering Committee of representatives from three different solar systems—signatory corporations, governments and civil society—met regularly through 2912-2913 to develop a proposal for this mechanism. Committee members met in plenary sessions and in smaller working groups. In January 2913, the Committee released the Draft Charter for the Oversight Mechanism of the Intergalactic and Space Systems Code of Conduct and a period of stakeholder review and comment on the Draft Charter began.