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It was once said that without charity, we are nothing. In the modern era, beings of all races compete for the next contract, the next big score… the next discovery. In a universe such as this, it’s easy for individuals to fall through the cracks and to be disregarded. Even ancient times, commoners were nothing more than a means for those with power to achieve their ends.

This is a story of one such “commoner” among the stars. In 2911, Calum McHenry was tasked by his local haulers guild to transport 55 units of high carbon steel. As usual, he worked alone, taking comfort in the silence and calm of long voyages, giving him the chance to set his course and ease his mind. Along his route, however, a small element of marauders descended on him from a place of concealment among a small formation of asteroids. Although he had reported his flight plan and course to the guild he was over 57million kilometers away from the nearest possibility of backup, if anyone even cared. The marauders approached, scanning his ship to type the cargo while two others kept him in their sights. Their leader had hailed him, cursing and demanding he stay put with a promise that any deviation from their instruction would result in his immediate death. Moments went by that seemed like hours when, to everyone’s surprise, one of the marauders’ ships exploded in a massive cloud of flame and debris, followed by another. “This is Commander Nathaniel Greene of the Revenue Cutter Service,” said a voice coming through McHenrys comms “We are here to render aid, please remain calm and stationary while we deal with your captors.” After a very brief confrontation, the marauders had gone, those who hadn’t been destroyed vanished into the vacuum of space to escape. Calums nightmare had come to a close. “Could’ve been worse,” he muttered to himself while reengaging his ships’ systems, though he kept finding himself asking the same question, “who were these guardians that saved not only my job, but no doubt my life?”

In 2794, 2 years after the end of the Messer Era and under Imperator Erin Toi’s direction, the Empire began the process of organizing auxiliary forces and militias to aid in protecting colonists and newly established settlements in the Empire’s many underdeveloped territories. Among these fleets came an outfit that called themselves the Revenue Cutter Service. Formed in the Sol system under Admiral Clyde R. Campbell, an astute naval commander who had served in the imperial navy prior to the people’s uprising in the UEE, the Revenue Cutter Service was awarded their legitimacy by the Empire for several successful counter-piracy missions conducted in 2796. On one such mission, a large pirate base was discovered on Triton, well manned and heavily armed. After acquiring sufficient intelligence on the lunar installation, Admiral Campbell dispatched a light carrier and two corvette class warships to orbit the moon while ground teams were dropped into position on the lunar surface, forming a semi-circle around the base. On his word, a full assault was launched. Bombers made multiple passes overhead, reducing static defenses on the ground to mere rubble, allowing ground forces to conduct a bounding maneuver into the base with a fireteam on overwatch to ensure that any pirate that tried to escape on foot would be quickly neutralized. The fighting was over in 15 minutes resulting in 87 pirate casualties and the destruction of 14 spacecraft. For their actions during the combat on Triton, the UEE awarded the Revenue Cutter Service official auxiliary status, granting the ability to lease military vessels to be used in the service of imperial citizens.

To this day, the Revenue Cutter Service continues to follow its tradition in serving the citizens of the verse. In an ever changing environment, RCS stands by its counter-piracy mission while also performing other tasks, such as:

- Search and Rescue
- Humanitarian Aid
- Navigation assistance
- Trade Route Security
- Colonial Patrol

In all they do, the soldiers, sailors and airmen of the Revenue Cutter Service are proud of their history, their tradition, and their drive for professionalism. They stand by their creed and believe firmly that all citizens deserve safety and survival and it is because of this that the Revenue Cutter Service has been and always will be a non-profit, public service fleet; performing its functions for the common defense and not in the interest of financial gain.

It was once said that without charity, we are nothing. We are the watchful guardians of remote territories, protectors of the innocents and defenders of the weak. We are the light in the darkness, the beacon of hope in dark seas. We are The Revenue Cutter Service.


“The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.”

Ezekiel 25:17


Our Mission

The Revenue Cutter Service is an Auxiliary to the forces of the UEE and is responsible for maintaining peace in imperial space and safeguarding those vulnerable to enemies of the state. Within this capacity, the Revenue Cutter Service is proud to perform the following missions:

- Trade Route Security
- Search and Rescue
- Humanitarian Aid
- Navigation Assistance
- Combat Support
- Defense Readiness

Our Core Values

Adherence to what is right or to a conventional standard of conduct.

Honor is a necessity when others put their lives, their property, and their trust into our hands. Let it always be said that we keep our word and speak the truth, come what may.

Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person or institution

The day will come when Loyalty, or the lack thereof, decides the success of our fleet. When this day comes, we will be true to our brothers in arms that together we can endure all things. We will leave no one behind.

Firm determination to do something.

Within our hearts is a burning desire for success and victory. We will never back down, nor will we accept defeat; there is always one more thing we can do to take the day.

Our Mantra and Battle Cry:

Cruachan (pronounced Croo-hun)

Brief History:

The war cry is Cruachan, originating from Clan Campbell of Scotland, comes from the 3,694ft (1,126m) Munro Ben Cruachan on the north short of Loch Awe. A Munro is a Scottish mountain over 3,000 feet and the name Cruachan comes from the Gaelic, meaning the mountain of peaks.