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Oretani Expeditionary Division / 0ED

  • Organization
  • Hardcore
  • Exclusive
  • Exploration
  • Scouting

Oretani Expeditionary Division is the primary source for finding work of the Oretani Shipworks Conglomerate. Feel free to take a look at all our other organizations also for what fits your needs,


The exploration focused branch of the Oretani Shipworks Conglomerate known as Oretani Expeditionary Division was created with a dream in mind:
“Experiencing the beauty of what might be first hand. Lighting the way into the void, and never coming home empty handed.”

Established before the collapse of the Oretani Jump Point. Nearly 50% of all assets and a majority of all findings were lost due to the inaccessibility of the system. With most of the work in the Conglomerate is based on the information gathered by the OED, this was a major set back for Oretani.
Despite such a loss OED continues to explore the unknown. The spearhead in the void.


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