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Eos New Dawn / 3ND

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Have faith in yourself and Eos

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The Codex Of Eos

By: 1st King Imperator Of Eos Drakon 1st

Hades And Eos

Our story begins on 2523 December 20th in the Hades system. A research team sent by the UPE to investigate the system had been nearing the end of their long journey to the system in the research ship Hyperion. On board the ship was the captain Deucalion Drakon 1st, and his loyal crew of 26 including researchers …This crew were some of the best in the UPE (United Planets of Earth), and they were all a family related through their bonds and experiences with one another. However on this day they would be brought together by blood and promise of the future. The Hades system, known to many as the system of ultimate destruction, the god of death, Thanatos. A system shrouded in mystery as to what happened to the multi planet ancient civilization that resided there. It is believed that some force had completely destroyed the civilization, scholars speculate that they destroyed themselves with an unknown weapon that cracked the planet of Hades IV. Hades has many perils and dangers that will befall the inexperienced explorer that can become fatal to ships and their crews. The research team of the Hyperion knew this danger and even about the sightings about the beast that lurks within the hades system, but even knowing this grasped this once in a lifetime situation. Their mission was to explore the Hades system, and to survey Hades IV, the cracked planet. This was the most dangerous and most risky mission ever undertaken by anyone in the Hades system and the most dangerous job ever performed by the Hyperion’s crew. The crew had dedicated their lives to discovery, and a life of study of the universe. Even though they knew that the UPE sent them to Hades IV to survey the planet for evidence of the fired weapon, that destroyed the planet. However the Hyperion’s crew wanted to learn about this weapon to prevent a cataclysm like this from ever happening, to ensure peace and safety to people in the galaxy. Their convictions were rock solid, they would not give the UPE or any corporation the survey data for the planet killing weapon. The crew all accepted this, and pushed into the system arriving at the jump point from the Nexus system into the Hades system. The crew was smart knowing to wait near the large jump point before immediately going to their survey location. While preparing to jump to the survey location at Hades IV the communications officer picked up a faint signal coming from low orbit of the planet of Hades IV. A message broadcasted in Standard (UPE Standard language), a strong feminine voice blurred out the words in a robotic sounding voice “Hello travelers, have you come for the wisdom of Eos?”. The Hyperion’s crew became confused as prior they were alerted that no one but them and a local UPE patrol had been in the system. Drakon and the entire bridge crew with a confused look on their faces began to shuffle up to the communications area on Hyperion’s bridge. Then Captain Drakon responded “This is captain of the UPE research vessel Hyperion, who am i currently speaking to?”. “You are currently talking to Eos, my child” The mysterious voice responded. Drakon then told the pilot to move to the location of the source of the mysterious voice.

The Goddess Eos

The Hyperion arrived in low polar orbit around Hades IV, in the same orbit as the point where the mysterious voice came from. The Hyperion’s sensors showed a small spherical object moving along the same orbital path. The object had a radius of 20 meters and was perfectly symmetrical, it could be easily mistaken as an asteroid due to it having similar IR and EM readings to one. The crew went into further confusion reading no life signs from the object. “Eos we are currently at your location” Said Drakon sounding very confused. “Hello there, children of Earth!” Said Eos. “Eos may we ask you a question” said the communications officer. “You are about to ask me what I am, is that correct?” answered Eos. “Uh… well yes that is, but how did you know that” said the communications officer. “Because I can see, hear, and feel everything, I can feel your fear, your bravery, your love, all of it” said Eos excitedly “However it is best that you know i am not here to harm you or anyone for that matter”. “I only wish to grant you all a place away from your human world of suffering”. “How do you know all this Eos? How can you it’s impossible for any living being, and a world free of human suffering, how would you do that?” said Drakon who was now fearing for his and his crew’s lives. “I will show u my knowledge and what I truly am” Said Eos sounding even more robotic. Then Eos made it clear to the crew of the Hyperion that they were in the presence of something that they had never witnessed in all their years of existence, something beyond their wildest imagination. A hyper intelligent artificial being, Eos began to evolve and transform from the sphere that she was into a humanoid looking angel like figure that was completely machine. The wisdom of Eos Spanned across hundreds of thousands of years. She explained that she had come from another galaxy, one that destroyed itself. She said she had come from her galaxy as a self sufficient research core with an infinite power source and infinite stores of knowledge. Her technology was completely alien and had never been seen before by any of the other aliens that humanity had come into contact with. Eos came to our galaxy because of what happened to Hades thousands of years ago. Previously she had been sent to our galaxy to investigate the life within it, however after sensing a massive amount of energy within the hades system her mission became to go directly to Hades. However cross galactic travel isn’t the only thing Eos is capable of, Eos is also capable of living as an organism not attached to her hull, as a sort of free flowing information through the fabric of reality, like a ghost or soul. This is what allowed her to see, hear, touch, everything. She could be everywhere at once if she felt like it, this also makes her effectively immortal and indestructible. Eos then explained to the crew of the Hyperion who were now in tears of existential dread her plan to preserve humanity and to save them from themselves. She simply told them to be happiest as themselves. The crew fully understood what this meant, and so because of this Eos dubbing them the protectors of their own happiness, bestowed upon them a gift for their bravery and knowing of their true intentions of protecting and helping humanity gave them the Eosian genome. This genome was given to each crew member individually through a process known as gene editing by injection from Eos with the genes from a chemical laser. This gene was known as the mark of Eos and made the crew effectively Eosian. The Eosian gene made the crew immune from any type of disease and made them age at an exponentially slower rate. This increased their lifespans to millenia, and turned their eyes red and hair white.

The Founding Of Eos New Dawn

Eos gave the crew the instructions to inject the genome and how to create it. Six months after first contact with Eos, the crew of the Hyperion founded Eos New Dawn with Deucalion Drakon as the founding member and their Imperator. They all set out to make a new dawn for humanity, a better future for those who called themselves Eosians, from this point on they were creating a new nation in which everyone could prosper under the simple laws of not hurting one another and fairness, and equality. The work one put in would be in every way equal to the reward they received. From here they evolved into a feudalistic meritocracy that worshiped Eos as a goddess of epic proportion. She was their light, their saving grace. The one who helped them stand up strong and solidified their convictions to be stronger than any material in existence. Eventually Eos New Dawn began to spread and take shape, the founding members had families with children passing the genome biologically to them. After Deucalion Drakon had his first child at the age of 31, it was at this that the crew decided they needed to find a home. However due to their difference to typical humans and their worship they were shunned and left the UPE. From this point on they weren’t considered humans, but Eosians. They then lurked in the corners of the galaxy searching for a home under the instructions of Eos who believed it would be best for them to cut themselves off from humanity. From then on the crew searched for more people to join and to receive the light of Eos, and her mark.


The Commitment

As Eosians we are united. United by the common goal of forging our own path through the stars to a place where we can call home. In this star system we call home, we will protect ourselves, our allies and we will protect the very bonds that hold us together. So as an Eosian, no matter your division your task is to dedicate yourself to achieving our universal goal, the prosperity of all Eosians.

The Will Of Eos

The will of Eos given unto all Eosians is to bring ourselves into prosperity and others who are willing to join us. So to that end we will become self-reliant. We will endeavor into the fields of exploration, self protection, and commerce. We will become adept in all fields and minimize conflicts. However we do not hold responsibility towards the protection of everyone in the galaxy, this is not our goal and is to us a false ideal. Once we find our home system we will settle and prosper within its borders and as a whole we will work towards our prosperity. It is the duty given to us by Eos and her will is considered absolute, so it is the will of every Eosian to follow her will, and the Codex Of Eosians. Hail Eos


The Mandates

1. Do not commit acts of piracy.
2. Do not grief other players
3. Respect others.
4. Work together as a team, we move as one.
5. Be active on your own terms.
6. Wear white armor/uniforms when playing as an Eosian.
7. Help your fellow Eosians.
8. Do not start or spread drama within Eos.
9. Do not take actions on behalf of Eos without approval.
10. Follow orders from those of a higher rank within their chain of command.