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44th Security and Trading Company / 44THDT

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The 44th Security and Trading Company is here for all your cargo, exploration and security needs. We are a diverse group of individuals from various walks of life looking to get the job done. If you are a like minded individual and would like to join, please feel free to contact us.


The 44th Security and Trading Company was born in 2941 when “Stompar” recently having ended an honorable service in the UEE Navy decided to put down roots and start his own exploration and cargo company. As he began working in the Stanton system to learn how the civilian world worked, he made contacts and the company grew to include security services. Today the fledging company is looking to expand out of the Stanton system and is always looking for new avenues to explore. The company motto is simple, “We do the job, we get paid.”. We are open to many forms of employment, however we will not violate our personal morals. Do not ask us to.


44th Fleet was originally founded in 2009 as a preparation for the upcoming Star Trek Online mmo. Similar to the current Star Citizen pre-release format, members gathered on the forums to lay the foundations for the community that would play together in a like-minded and supportive environment. With STO release in 2010 and fleet system introduction, group’s activity grew from play-by-post forum roleplay to the focus on the pve and pvp aspects of the game. With intention of creating a casual, helpful and fun place, carried by the Star Trek ideals in mind – fleet attracted many trekkies, sci-fi fans, gamers and friends who now form the Mighty 44th community.

In 2017 we decided to branch out to the Star Citizen so we can start a new story in the new verse. Until the in-game organization feature is implemented, we are fine-tuning the 44th Security-Trading org’s identity, lore and structure which are the essential steps for the launch of our operations in the persistent universe (see more: Manifesto).


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The 44th Security and Trading Company is a fledgling company looking to expand and diversify. We do so via good reputation, and solid work. We always complete agreements to the best of our abilities, and never violate an oath. We adhere to a strict moral code, and will not partake in any activities that will harm innocents or civilians.


Obtain a trading license and permissions to trade for each sector of space, which includes the rights to approach relevant landing zones.
  • For now 44th has acquired permission to trade inside the Stanton system, but we are looking to expand further. This requires an increase in the number of employees who would perform duties similar to those of our Stanton crew. In the long term, our goal is procuring an import and export license for the inter-culture trade with the Banu and/or Xi’an. At the moment, UEE licensing process requires proof of clean trading history so we are under monitoring for an unknown period of time before getting white-listed.
Offer services to potential customers.
  • After making a contact and agreeing on the details, we will sign a trade contract approved by UEE Department of Trade, which guarantees that we will follow the agreed upon terms. Our trade deals are additionally secured with Trade Commission Stamp of Approval (TCSA), which is assigned to organizations with a history of completing assignments in accordance with the contract.
Explore and prospect the planets in search for resources and salvage materials.
  • This includes exploration campaigns concentrated toward planets and asteroids with potential valuable resources. Campaigns can be funded from our own income, which is justified only if we have reliable intel on the destination we are going to and at least some assurance that we will profit from it. In this case, we don’t have a contract yet but we hope to attract one based on our discovery. This could be in form of salvaging and selling parts of the ship derelict, or finding and extracting ore from the mine. Campaigns can also be funded through employment, which is then covered by the contract. In this case we have an explicitly defined task or route to the destination which doesn’t allow much space for exploration or side-jobs as it increases the chance of contract failure and further negative repercussions. Plan is to increase the security and fleet size which would then allow more maneuvers when conducting assignments on the planetary surface or stations. Note that at the moments we may have to outsource the mining missions depending on the size of the required resources, but this won’t affect the final result specified by the contract. Additionally, we can decide to trade with the mining rights or intel from our exploration campaigns.
Establish and secure trade routes, and safeguard the perimeter as we gather the package and ensure safe hauling to the delivery point.
  • Before start of the mission we evaluate potential threat based on the reputation of the area we are heading to and according to situation we find ourselves in once we arrive. This will determine the type of escort and size of our security team, as well as their armament. Securing the shipment requires safe arrival to the landing zone, where we dispatch our security team which may require the use of Ursa Rover in case we couldn’t land close to the extraction point. We have a E817 license from UEE Police Committee, granted to security institutions for use of the lethal force in case of threat to our lives. Once the cargo is secured in our cargo hold, we will escort it with at least one fighter type of vessel, depending on the threat level.
Maintain relations with our trade partners.
  • Our goal is to base our agreements on trust and sincerity while working on many forms of affairs, without violating our personal morals. Having ensured long term contracts will help us plan on our activities ahead of time, allowing us to concentrate on expansion of our own organization and upgrading its line of activities.
Ensure 44th S.T. Company members have a good time while playing Star Citizen.


Welcome, New Applicants and Members.
As a member of the 44th you represent the 44th, so please use common sense. Basically, do not do anything that will reflect negatively on yourself or this Organization as it’s your duty to ensure the 44ths integrity in the SC community.  If you wish to Join the Mighty 44th, please read and follow these simple rules.

44th Security and Trading Rules

  • All 44th Fleet members are to know these Rules, this is why they are posted here.
  • No harrasments or “trolling” of any type on the forums or other (public) game channels. Represent!
  • No politics or religious topics. These topics always tend to cause issues and drama, things the 44th does not want.
  • No derogatory remarks, or racial remarks, period. We have players of all makes and models, please respect that.
  • Please mind your language. We all curse occasionally, but going off like a bloody pirate is less than desirable. If asked to stop, please do so.
  • The age requirement is 18+. There may be mature content in chat or on Discord at certain times. If you think you cannot handle adult conversations, please do not apply.
  • Assist, advise and guide new or inexperienced players. We were all beginners once, so if someone makes a mistake, let it go. There’s always a next time.