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Roberts Space Industries ®

Seraphim Defense Contracting Corp. / 5DC

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Security
  • Freelancing

  • As long as there is man, there will be violence. As long as there is violence, there will be war. And as long as there is war… we will always have a job.


  • Seraphim Defense Contracting Corp. was established 04 Sep, 2941:

  • S.D.C.C. originated as a private security firm focused on providing logistical support to law enforcement agencies, military organizations and other independent corporate interests. Their primary function was to provide personnel such as instructors and cyber-security professionals to these high profile clients. Much more impactfully S.D.C.C. was capable of deploying tailor made assets quickly and discreetly. From fielding a single assassin to an entire platoon of hardened mercenaries, the S.D.C.C. garnered a reputation for not only getting the job done but doing it with clinical precision. Resulting from the large-scale Vanduul incursion into the Vega System in 2945, Seraphim Defense secured a contract with the United Empire of Earth (U.E.E.). After the incursion, S.D.C.C dedicated a large portion of their assets to fighting crime within the UEE. Over the course of the next several years, the S.D.C.C. was provided with several subsidies in return for their massive contributions in supporting law enforcement and the private security sector.
  • The Seraphim Defense Contracting Corporation established itself as lynchpin in planetary affairs. It’s martial tradition now firmly entrenched in imperial circles, the corporation began to wield it’s considerable clout to further cement itself in the imperial infrastructure. From it’s start in 2941, the following decade saw the S.D.C.C establish business operations in MicroTech and terraforming, thus maintaining the empire’s growth by forming strategic partnerships and retaining our clientele. It was 2952 when S.D.C.C. made their first foray into interplanetary territories and unveiled it’s new identity S.D.C.C Interplanetary.


  • I. To provide a highly professional and confidential military advisory service to legitimate governments.

  • II. To provide sound military and strategic advice.

  • III. To provide the most professional military training packages currently available to armed forces, covering aspects related to sea, air, and land warfare.

  • IV. To provide advice to armed forces on weapon and weapon platform selection.

  • V. To provide a total apolitical service based on confidentiality, professionalism, and dedication.