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Daymar Utility Services Taskforce / 7765

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Salvage, Transportation, and Escrow Services


See the Manifesto if you need something found, something moved, or something hidden. Or all three, we’re not picky.


Salvage & Crew Recovery

We are a specialist in Emergency Response, Wreck cargo recovery and secure Data recovery.

We carry out crash site surveys and inspections before planning and executing activities including transport, waste management, outpost viablity, special project management and more. Our specialty is Crash Site discovery and retrieval.

The Daymar Utility Services team is prepared to attend the distinctive needs of all clientele, we rapidly respond to any distress call. Our staff are fully trained and equipped for the entire range of emergency situations that Citizens may encounter.

Escrow Services

While traditional escrow service is quite difficult and must be obtained through UEE approved banks and lawyers, we at D.U.S provides safe and secure holdings for both payment and product. While the payment or product is discreetly held in a safe location until the transaction between both parties is complete, at which point we deliver it in accordance with the terms agreed between yourself and the party you’re trading with.

Organic Products/Ingredients Sourcing & Delivery

At Daymar Utility Services we firmly believe that every Citizen deserved only the freshest produce from all sides of the Empire, and we go out of our way to source suppliers of the highest quality fruits, vegetables, meat, and other ingredients. When we can’t find a supplier we’ll go above and beyond our competitors to locate the produce you need ourselves straight from the planet it grows.

More and more evidence shows that Organic agriculture is healthier, more nutritious and far better for the environment. We, as Humans, naturally evolved to consume the natural Delicacies of Earth, and we at Frontier Services strive to bring the highest quality of Earth-Produced Organic produce to all systems within the Empire as fresh as the day they were harvested.