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8o4 / 804

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This is the 8o4 Corporation.



Day of creation. Sweet.

History Completed.

Manifesto Completed.

Charter Completed.

Updated banner image, logo image, background image and icon image.


Who we (you, me, him, her, I, plant, ship) are. We don’t discriminate here.

804 Corporation is a For-Profit type of shindig. Why? Because free labor is lame.

What our intentions are. Or at least what we strive for them to be.

804 Corporation is first and foremost an exploration operation. Whether that is exploring for fun or exploring in hopes of raking in cash, we do it all. We also deal in trading and cargo hauling because having a diverse portfolio impresses literally anyone imaginable. Literally.

What our motives are. On a scale of accuracy with “What are you even doing?,” being at the bottom of said scale and “You’re a nerd,” being at the top, I would say our accuracy, regarding our motives, deserves a rating of, “Ehhhhh, close enough.”

804 Corporation strives IN A LEGAL MANOR AND FOR-PROFIT to find new discoveries like outposts, resources, people, air, leaves, trees and so much more that it’s impossible to put into words what I’m trying to convey. Impossible. Trading and cargo hauling is also done IN A LEGAL MANOR AND FOR-PROFIT.

What our stance on legal and illegal activities is. Yeah I know boring stuff but we have to cover it.

804 Corporation obviously condones and encourages all legal actions. If you aren’t breaking the law, go ahead and do it. We could care less. 804 Corporation does not condone or permit illegal actions/piracy.

If an illegal action occurs, we will look into the incident and decide the outcome of that incident concerning said person(s). This could result in suspension or complete removal from the corporation.

Obviously there are exceptions to this policy and the outcomes will be decided on a case by case basis by us; your friendly neighborhood spacemen and spacewomen.

So, in conclusion, don’t intentionally run into players or their ships. Don’t shoot players you encounter in the Universe unless you are fired upon or an interdiction/pirate raid occurs targeting you (hooray for self-defense!). Don’t steal ships or put bombs on them or booby trap them or whatever. As long as what you’re doing isn’t illegal, we wish you a jolly good time.

What our views are. And not just the pretty one’s we get from exploration.

We are friendly towards everyone except for the Vanduul because they are a definite nuisance. They are the definition of a nuisance if you ask us. If another organization member attacks one of you, that organization as a whole will not become our enemy.

The only enemies we acknowledge and condone attacking are the ones that are regretting firing on you first as they get absolutely obliterated by your raw power. Also use your raw power on any interdiction attempts and pirate attacks. And use it good.

What our organization ships are. Errrr… more accurately what they will be.

Although organization ships are defintely planned to be bought, we most likely will not be getting any capital ships until a later date. The purchasing of these ships will be able to be expedited by donations of your own personal UEC but, donations/contributions/taxes are not required/mandatory.

Even though grouping up and exploring the Universe, running cargo, etc. with other members will be readily available, we also promote the idea of doing it solo. Play the game how you want to play it.


The Rules: Yes we know rules are lame but try your best to follow these.

  • Be friendly to everyone (except Vanduul, Interdiction attempts, Pirate attacks and similar situations. Destroy them).
  • Don’t purposely hit, shoot, blow up, sabotage and/or engage in other similar actions in regards to players, NPCs, ships, space stations, etc. Also piracy is not allowed. We like to keep the peace.
  • Be nice to other organizations and fellow members. No one likes a Debbie Downer.
  • Don’t purposely commit illegal actions (stated above). We like to keep it all legal over here.
  • Have fun. We aren’t too strict here because we don’t want to control how you want to play (but didn’t we just say that we don’t allow certain things?).