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Si vis pacem, para bellum.
If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

Aftershock aims to facilitate and further legal activities throughout the dark expanse of the cosmos.

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“United with the UEE: whatever it takes, we will win… because we have to.”

Aftershock was born from a small group of vigilantes, explorers and security contractors with the bilateral desire to build a self-sufficient military and expeditionary team of the very highest standards. As the organisation began to grow, Aftershock would accept contractual work from various UEE-aligned businesses to bolster their economic standing. These contracts would often require the founding individuals to venture into hostile space, which provided valuable combat and expeditionary experience. Aftershock eventually became a venerable name after receiving the highest commendation from the UEE in return for it’s services to the Empire.

Aftershock’s values and loyalty make its services a sterling choice for a number of UEE combat veterans, corporations and civilians looking for a job to be done to the highest of standards. Its members are selected from all walks of life and are trained to meet consistent and exacting standards.

The organisation’s economic standing further developed after the establishment of Inicio Section, Aftershock’s premier exploration wing. By means of venturing into the deepest reaches of the cosmos, outposts were established on suitable worlds, creating a vast network through which commodities of the highest value may be traded. While traders were often met with hostility, this was something that members of Ignis Section (the organisation’s combat detachment) were able to surmount through a constant source of plentiful income.

As Aftershock was burgeoning, the fleet rapidly expanded. With its name established as a prestigious combat and expeditionary force, Aftershock continued to accept contractual offers from the UEE, venturing into deeper, darker, and ever-more hostile space. The organisation remained bellicose and continues to prevail at the forefront of human space.


“It is not enough that we do our best; sometimes we must do what is required.” – Sir Winston S. Churchill, 1874 – 1965, Earth.

Aftershock aligns itself strictly with the laws, regulations and charters of the United Empire of Earth (UEE). This is not to say, however, that there will be no exceptions. Whatever needs to be done to get the job completed, or to protect Aftershock’s members, allies, assets or interests, will be executed irrespective of the law.

Ignis Section

“Without victory… there can be no survival.” – Adm. Ernst Bishop, UEE Navy.

The most common face of Aftershock that other citizens often see, the presence of Ignis strikes both awe and terror in its adversaries and relief in its allies. Originally a peacekeeping outfit, Ignis grew to eventually become an armada of resilience. Armed with state-of-the-art and powerful weaponry, Ignis has the necessary tools to win; and with their pilots remaining resolute and steadfast in their duties, Ignis remains focused on maintaining a safe, secure and prosperous galaxy.

Inicio Section

“Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let’s all go exploring.” – Edith Widder, 1951 – 2030, Earth.

Columbus, Cook, Croshaw. These names echo throughout history for their efforts to mankind. They once stood on the precipice of human knowledge, and the brave pilots of this section aim to continue such a legacy. Fitted with the most cutting-edge, pioneering technology, and trained to the highest standards, Inicio’s ranks await the order to spring forth unto the dark and empty expanse of the cosmos.

Artis Section

“Ships are my arrows, the sea my bow, the world my target.” – Robert Thier, 1896 – 1981, Earth.

From Sol to Genesis, from Nyx to Kabal: profit is the lifeblood of the stars, and Artis is the heart of it. Both privateers and profiteers fly among the winds of trade, supported and defended by Aftershock’s trading section. Members know the routes and have the equipment to manipulate them – getting the job done right.

If you have a need for a fast, secure or consolidated haulage service, carrying cargo, information or more, these pilots await your command.

Primarius Section

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” – Carl Sagan, 1934 – 1996, Earth.

While it holds no specialisation unlike the other sections, Primarius sees all operatives at one time or another. If new recruits are unsure of their next move or recognise that they need further training, this section welcomes them with vigour, aimed solely to help them continue on their next path, whatever that may be.


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Rules and Regulations

  • Events and participation in them are at the discretion of organisation and sectoral leaders.
  • Unsolicited game activities in violation of Aftershock’s legal stance are not permitted.
  • Supporting another org considered to be in conflict with Aftershock or its ideals will not result in removal but may make the supporter subject to restrictions.


Age Restrictions

Aftershock is willing to welcome any recruits, regardless of age, though we require that:

  • All operatives conduct themselves in a mature and respectful manner.
  • No explicit matters are discussed while in organisation-controlled chat.


Membership Guidelines:

  • Help fellow community members.
  • Keep personal issues away from organisation communication.
  • Treat all members with due respect and humility.
  • Report any issues with other members to your section leader.
  • Try to remain active in organisation activities.
  • Notify your section leader when going on leave for extended periods.


Leaving and Removal

We understand that circumstances can change, and place no restrictions on leaving. Do note that:

  • We require notification if you wish to leave, including a reason.
  • Those inactive for more than 3 weeks will be considered missing-in-action unless we are otherwise informed. If this continues, you will be marked for removal.
  • Those marked as MIA or on leave should notify the relevant authority once they have returned.



If you wish to return to active duty under Aftershock’s banner or cancel a long term leave, know that you will be welcomed back in good standing. We will support you in getting back up and running in the ‘verse, and update you on current affairs.


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