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The Allied Security Council / ALLYSEC

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The Allied Security Council

Alternatively ALLYSEC, Is a coalition of Small and Medium sized PMC organizations that have banded together to combat Pirate Mega-Orgs, and other enemies that would intend to belittle the lives of UEE Citizens and other peaceful communities.


ALLYSEC started as an idea.

ALLYSEC is the answer to the question, what do we do if there are too many bad guys?

The answer is to provide a place for the leadership of each law-abiding PMC to reach out and request help from other like-minded groups. A single gathering of leaders to discuss the allocation of resources to address problems outside the scope of a single group. To defend against massive incursions of pirates, Vanduul and anything else that may ruin the lives of those living peacefully in UEE space.


ALLYSEC Intends to accept any PMC Leaders that wish to operate as a galactic shield for mankind.

PMCs who elect to join ALLYSEC do so out of a unified respect for others who seek to shield and defend mankind’s expanse into the stars. Retaining membership depends on constant and reliable displays of this code, as well as supporting other members of ALLYSEC when needed.

As such, PMCs which act constantly in support of this code will receive the swift and full support of the entirety of ALLYSEC, while those whom use ALLYSEC as a shield or calling card to hide behind, will be promptly removed.

Each PMC has the same voice within ALLYSEC, membership count means far less than showing up and taking part. Each PMC who is given membership will be allowed two leaders to speak on their behalf, as well as up to four support staff. In this way, we keep membership more about activity and support, rather than the number of voices present.


ALLYSEC has limited rules. However, we expect our participants to do their due diligence and uphold the code of conduct.

  1. A limit of two representatives per Organization.
  2. Participate in Council Meetings as often as possible, and provide as much support as you expect to receive.
  3. Do not use ALLYSEC as a calling card to deal with people, or Organizations you don’t like.
  4. When applying to the Council, ensure to post your Rank within your Org, as well as what Org you’re affiliated with.
  5. Do not use ALLYSEC to recruit from, or poach from allied groups.