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Roberts Space Industries ®

A&M Delta Industries / AMDI

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Welcome to A&M Delta Industries. Feel free to browse, and please visit our Manifesto and Charter sections for more information and career opportunities.

For business inquiries, please email us at Be sure to check out our YouTube channel as well at (


Our Board of Directors will unveil our official corporate statements soon. Please come back for updated information.

In the meantime, please check out our Manifesto and Charter pages for more details.


We are a casual org that aims to make the most of our experience in The ‘Verse with like minded individuals who enjoy trading and a multitude of activities. Few things are entirely off limits.

For more information, please see the “Charter” section of this page.


1.  It is preferred that you are in Discord when in game. Voice chat make it easier to work as a party while in game. If you cannot, or choose not to be in a voice chat channel, please be available for text chat on Discord.
2.  Must be 16 years of age or older. Younger members approved on a case by case basis.
3.  This is a law abiding Organization.  All AMDI sanctioned activities will be legal. Members may participate in illegal activities or piracy outside of sanctioned activities at your own risk.
4. We understand that in certain circumstances, members will need to employ a “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality to maintain their safety in The ‘Verse and that piracy is a legitimate form of gameplay (see rule #3 regarding piracy). However, griefing will not be tolerated.
5.  There may be persons who find certain language or topics of conversation offensive in our in-game chat channels and on Discord.  Avoid swearing, if possible.  Also recommended to avoid topics of politics, religion, or other potentially controversial subject matter during your conversations. If you want a less regulated chat, please keep it in the #general-nsfw channel or other channel labeled “NSFW”. See the channel description for rules of these channels.
6.  We do not tolerate hate related comments (Example: homophobia, death threats, etc.)
7.  We do not and will not implement an attendance policy. Real life takes precedence and we all experience times when we don’t feel like being on.
8. Help your fellow Citizens if you can, whether they are in AMDI or not. This is a very complex game with a steep learning curve, we all needed help at one point or another, please pay that help forward.

All divisions are currently on hold as we do not have the staff to operate them
We currently operate as an “As needed” force, primarily in support of our logistics team.
1. Logistics – Our transportation division. For Citizens that choose a career path directly related to hauling cargo. We are primarily a logistics based organization.
2. Security – Our fighting force. For those who choose to pursue a career path related to fighting, be it in ship, shore, or on foot.
3. Support – Important, but often ignored roles. If you choose to be a medic, mechanic, or other support role, this is the division for you.
4. Materials – Tasked with the gathering materials for reuse or resale. If you like junk or mining, this division is for you.
5. Exploration – Finding new worlds and mapping new systems. If you find yourself constantly in awe of “The ‘Verse”, join our exploration division and see it all.
Depending on the need, we may expand our operations to create new divisions.

Recruitment Process
Head on over to our Discord at to speak with our recruitment team
Click on the “Join us Now” link above to fill out your application.
Fly with us.
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