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We are Apheliun!

Our mission is to build the best business Org by using exploration as the backbone of our

company. We are a 21+ preferred, life first org that is active and chill. We look to make the game enjoyable for

everyone that joins and hopefully make you tons of money while you do it!


Apheliun started in 2951 after separating from an Org that spread evil. Together we have made a community of

Miners, Explorers, and Bounty Hunters that work together to achieve the goals of Apheliun. Starting from 5

people in August 2951 we have rapidly expanded into what you see today with an active community that helps

one another. Apheliun is a business focused Organization a strive to put money in the pockets of all its members

as well as having an Org Bank that can supply ammo, armor, and guns to members that need assistance. If

you’re looking to join something that is fun and will make you tons of spaceship dollars look to Apheliun.


Our mission is to build the best business organization by using Exploration as the backbone of our company.

We are a 21+ preferred, life first organization that will never ask you to buy a ship with real life money.

We do not tolerate Pirates, Scoundrels, griefing or hate speech.


1. No attacks on one’s race or religion nor gender. ( This means Sexual Harassment is Prohibited )

2. Be active as much as possible more people more fun ,but notify leadership if you’ll be gone for event or will be out for more than 2 weeks

3. Please remember that this is just a game and we understand that but we try to keep some level of seriousness while actually doing good but under any circumstances should another member be screaming at another whether over in a VC or text chat or even in a DM.

4. Be kind to others who may have a mental/physical impairment ,and DO NOT YELL OR DEGRADE others in the ORG. ( You get one warning ,and if you continue being disruptive it means IMMEDIATE AND PERMANENT BAN FROM ORG )

5. Wear uniforms for events. Thanks!

6. We do ask the people be active as much as they can but we also understand everyone has a personal life and star citizen is in a broken state still and maybe you need a break from the game once again if you need to please let our staff here know.

7. DO NOT attack other members in a Org Event/Activities unless it’s a duel has been authorized by both members.

While being out in the verse please remember to represent the organization to the best of your capabilities. The staff work very hard to keep a smooth running organization going ,but we can’t do it without your help it is you guys the members that help make this happen once you have read this please react to it.

These aren’t to hard to follow if you have any problems at all please notify me Immediately