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Roberts Space Industries ®


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We’re a salvage operation…mostly.


During a comp trawl on Borea, in the shadow of the gargantuan Drake yards, I spotted this aging hulk hidden under a mountain of debris. When I investigated I saw a name peering out from under the rubble, calling to me.

Named The Elysium Machine, I was instantly besotted and fascinated with this lost and forgotten beast, located so far from its namesake. I enquired about buying but the yard didn’t consider it to contain any further merit, and couldn’t recall it on their books anyway. They said I could have it if I could get it running. I had my work cut out for me.

It took me two years, living inside the beast, to get her running and breathe new life into her. I saw off two scrapper raids during that time, and even harboured a fugitive of the empire. When the ship finally fired up again, she gloriously shrugged off the shackles of Odyssa as she lifted into the night sky, even causing the floodlights of the dry docks at Drake to shine a light on her as she languidly gained altitude. It was a sight to behold. I made it my mission then and there to run her until one of us ceased for good.

Over the years, The Elysium Machine has come to represent more than just an enigmatic name of some rescued scow. It represents the core of what we do, the impetus of our mission, the heart of our ethos. We’ll never be the biggest, most successful outfit in the verse but we sure as hell can be one of the most enjoyable and relaxed ones.


What we do
My objective is simple: work together to enjoy the best the ‘verse has to offer. While salvage and smuggling is our bread and butter, we got no problem making some money on the side, so any opportunity to do extra activities is always welcome. Anything else that takes our fancy? Who can say what opportunities may arise.

Why we do it
My motivation is (and always will be) working with trustworthy people and loyal friends. You can only go so far with the kindness of strangers but friends and family will stick by you, no matter the risk. I believe in a fair operation, so long as we all pitch in. At the end of the day, we’re more a family than workmates, so we look after each other. We can’t have anyone taking advantage of this relationship.

Where we do it
We run in all systems and will consider any prospect but the more remote the better; I find work closer to system hubs is often not worth the risk, you have to push further, deeper.

To achieve all this I need a crew. Doesn’t have to be a big crew but they need to be good at what they do. Any applicant needs to have drive and a healthy sense of self-preservation. Experience is welcome but not imperative as experience will be gained on the job. For those that do have good experience, I need the following expertise:

  • • Metals, materials and components
  • • Hull scraping and ship layouts and flight systems
  • • Weapons and combat
  • • Astrography and navigation
  • • Narcotics, supplements, weapons and data supply and demand
  • • Xenobiology and Xenoarchaeology

Furthermore, these proficiencies represent the areas that can be improved upon while on tour. You might like the idea of one or all, it’s entirely up to you.


Two key elements keep the machine running: getting rich and having fun.
Of course, the Machine does have rules:

  • • Be respectful of others.
  • • Don’t dishonour yourself, other members, or the machine.
  • • Help out when and where you can – don’t be stingy with your time.
  • • Leave your drama and baggage at the airlock.
  • • If you screw up, I get it – it happens; I believe in second chances. But if you keep messing up, you’ll face a vote. Lose that vote and you’re out of the Machine. Pretty simple stuff. Given that most citizens are good sorts, I don’t expect to ever have to exercise this.
  • • Defend our patch at all costs – we’re only as good as our last score, so our next one is the single most important thing.
  • • Roleplaying is free – if you want to engage, by all means get your groove on, but it is not mandatory.
  • • Have fun and enjoy your time! (that’s what I’ll be doing)