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Autistic Family Alliance / AUTFAM

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Welcome to the Autistic Family Alliance. This org was set up as a safe space for autistic individuals and their families, like myself and my 8 year old son. The goal is to ensure all members have the help they needed to play this wonderful game and explore the universe together. Please join us.


In the vein of the Autcraft server for Minecraft, I sought to create a place for autistic players and their families could come together.

Speaking as a father of a young autistic son who has already begun to place, I saw this as a sensible step to ensure he has a way to play Star Citizen on his own terms. By starting this org I hope to establish a community of players like my son who can explore the many roles and star systems this game has to offer.


The Autisitc Family Alliance promises to create and regulate a safe place for autistic players to come and become part of a larger like minded community.

It is my hope that other players will come to see this org and its members as players who want to explore this game on their own terms and at their own pace.


The alliance will do its utmost to give autistic players the best experience possible while playing Star Citizen.
As the founder I pledge access to what ships I have to this org. So if there are any pilots, explorers, scavengers or anything else they have a place to start and grow in this wonderful universe.