Roberts Space Industries


  • Faith
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Trading

*The future starts here!

We are a fun easygoing regular playing archetype focused on exploration. Our secondary focuses include trading and mining and other activities. We have opportunity for growth. If interested please contact me on discord!*


Initiated August 1st 2019 with the main goal to explore the uncharted universe of Star Citizen.



Our achetype is based solely on our people in it. Friendly folk is who we are looking for! We believe in unity and structure.

  • Exploration

Searching and wandering the depths of unknown is our forte.

  • Growth

Plan on helping others so that we can learn, adapt, and survive. As you work together within our Brotherhood your progress will be well rewarded. Our growth within the Brotherhood is not limited to exploration. We will branch out to other activites.

  • Ships

We will earn the whole fleet available in game after the game launches.

  • Benefits

We Will Share all Profitable Trade Routes , tips and tricks of all kinds with every player in the organization and we can even organize mass trade and exploration runs and cover each other’s backs

Portions of our earnings are added to the Brotherhood’s pool (if you choose to ) so we can buy ships that are shared with everyone in the Brotherhood.

  • Activites

In-game events will be conducted regularly once we start growing.

  • Communication

This key principle is very important.
A microphone is not required but is highly recommended.
We keep up with each other using Discord.

  • Rules (Both in-game and Discord)

We do not have many rules. Be respectful and mature.

Feel free to join us!


  • What do you get?

Access to all our ships – It doesn’t matter if you only have a starter ship, you can always access our fleet!

Better trade routes – We will share our profitable trade routes with everyone!

A friendly community – Players around the whole world can join with NO restrictions!

All members are welcome to do any activity as they please! And have fun!