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Why play with yourself, when you can play with BLS!


The Universe

In the distant past the human race began to colonize space and propel forward in technology. Complex engineering ventures rapidly grew allowing mankind to proceed further and deeper into the surrounding solar system.

Breakthroughs in quantum physics enabled humans to conceptualise theory into practise and create advance space exploration techniques. Research fields such as wormhole theory paved the way for jump engine technology which enabled humans to identify and manipulate them. This jump engine technology was soon seen as a lucrative and affordable concept. Private space exploration funding in turn soon grew exponentially and allowed the human race to travel ever deeper into the vastness of space.

This was the beginning of a very prosperous time for mankind with the discovery of many new planets, resources and eventually new civilizations. Mankind only then realised that they were a speck of dirt in a diverse and dangerous universal sphere.

With great prosperity from space exploration came many trials and tribulations. All aspects of humanity were shown to the universe, the good, the bad and the unsavoury.

Piracy, contraband, illegal substances, extortion, and all manner of manipulation began to occur. Even the highest levels of society were not immune to the temptation of prosperity.

With this temptation of prosperity through greed and illegal activity, prisons and segregation units on our home planet were soon filled to critical levels. New means of containment were needed to house the most notorious and sophisticated criminals. The governments of the day united together to find a solution. The solution was clear, colonise a planet with the direct objective of creating a containment sphere. This concept seemed ultimately flawless, a place to wipe mankind’s most dangerous from the view of the universe. Create a society which was blacklisted from existence.

The Sphere

At the beginning, day to day operations were standard with similarities to maximum detention facilities on planet earth, transports to the newly formed containment sphere arrived infrequently throughout the year. The sphere was regarded as a maximum detention facility but contained outdated technology with the ultimate goal of self sustainment and minimal surplus. The heart of the containment sphere was an open planet facility embedded on the northern quadrant of the planet with the purpose of entry and exit for security staff. The real containment technology came naturally with the planet’s ecosystem although harsh, provided the majority of what was needed for prisoners to survive and contain them.

Often sphere transports were under escort and remained in a low orbit above the facility’s main gateway. With the success of the sphere over the generations, manned society drops became fully automated and were completely unmanned. Society members were held in a cryogenic state until their arrival at the facility. The sphere comprised of numerous types of criminals. From illegal bounty hunters, smugglers to corporate hackers and the high tech criminals, they were the most notorious, the most sophisticated.

My Story

Now you ask… Who am I? How do I know about humanities darkest secret? Well here is my story.

The 268 Incident …
Three Freelancer MIS prisoner transports arrived in orbit at the containment Sphere. It seemed like a normal drop like every other. But instantly I knew something was not right. The ships did not appear to proceed to the facility as per Sphere docking protocol. They were dropping out of orbit, losing altitude rapidly with a trail of smoke spraying the sky in a bloody red. I remember thinking, “fucking finally something different”. The entire saga only last a few seconds, with the final result a deafening crash a few hundred meters from my camp. The three transport ships appeared to have malfunctioned or been attacked…

The final count was 268 prisoners aboard the three transports with only 77 survivors, with most dying due to their cryogenic chambers failing. No one had a fucking clue on what happened or who or what attacked the ships. A Vanduul Swarm? Bounty hunters trying to collect on some prisoners? To me it was all bullshit and speculation. But one thing was clear. This was the beginning to the end.

The three Freelancer MIS prisoner transports were eventually recovered, one of which was beyond repair but it proved useful as its parts allowed the two remaining ships to become fully operational. And now we had a way off this planet that so many were a prisoner to. Although the Sphere was essentially a prison, a planet to which you were sentenced to, there was a great sense of loyalty and respect among the members. There was always a sense of community which embraced you for your brilliance and ruthlessness to capitalise on the stupidity of others.

The leadership of the society was the whole reason we are who we are. Structured by respect, the leaders were elusive and went under code names of H2K, Jaws, Rust and Unit. Each leader paved the way to our success. Jaws was the final leader I remember listening to while he honoured the 77 survivors which eventually brought us to freedom.

After the crash no transports arrived. It appeared that we had been forgotten, erased from the mind’s eye of humanity…. but we had not forgotten…We to this day remain secretive, elusive to the universe from which we were exiled, lurking in the darkness of space, watching, waiting….

If you haven’t already figured it out, I am BlackListedSociety member. I was there at the crash, there when we took over the Sphere and here writing this story. If you are reading this, you have the chance to join a society that is shrouded in darkness, a society that will never forget and a society that will stake it’s claim in the verse.


We Indulge in all that the verse has to offer, no aspect of game play is off limits if it is to benefit the BlackListedSociety and it’s members, exploration will also be a key factor.

Prisoner No More …

We are Loyal … We have each others back

We work Independently … The freedom you deserve

We work Together … To get the job done

We are the Pirate … Who pillage and plunder

We are the Bounty hunter … We will collect

We are the Mercenary … With the blackest hands

We are the Hired Gun … For the right price

We are the Smuggler … The best there is

We are [BLS] … We are BlackListedSociety


Black Listed Society was founded in 2012 with the goal of bringing like-minded gamers together under one roof. We count ourselves as friend’s first, team mates second. We always have been and always will be looking for mature, quality individuals to add to the team. Gamers who enjoy playing as a team, having fun together and most importantly, gamers who don’t tolerate the bullshit that takes place on other servers and in other communities.

We have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to racism, discrimination, cheating, griefing or spoiling the enjoyment of our members or public players who enjoy our servers. Black Listed Society is comprised of hundreds of people who have sought after a community where they can play the games they love with other mature, but driven and objective focused gamers. Our number one goal is to have fun. All of the other rules and standards we put in place that accompany our no bull attitude are merely designed to protect that goal

Mature attitude required.18+

Be respectful …
At all times,
In all public forums
In game chat
To all in game affiliates and alliances if applicable
Even when your killing someone and taking their shit …. Be respectful

You are to fully commit to BLS Star Citizen syndicate or not at all. It is a sign of respect to the current members and our community.

BLS Star Citizen members are not obligated to become a full blacklistedsociety member, However it is encouraged.

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