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Roberts Space Industries ®

Special Boat Corps / BOATS

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Whether a warzone or disaster, we will deliver your teams and supplies where no other organization is willing to go… On Time, On Target, Always Courageous.


Our Corps is based on the special boat programs of the United States and British Navies in the 20th century. Those programs are the called the Special Boat Units, SWCC, and Special Boat Service.

We continue their traditions and practices here in the 30th Century for the benefit of all humanity.


Who Are We?

The Special Boat Corps is a private military company that supports any military service, defense force, and organization to deliver teams and supplies in hazardous environments where no other organization is willing to go.

What Do We Do?

Our Operators are specially selected and trained to operate aboard small ships and vehicles so that specialized combat, disaster, and humanitarian teams may focus on their missions. Our Crewman are trained to operate ships systems independently to maximize the clients resources toward their goals.

How Are We Organized.

We are designed around the concept of the United States Navy Special Boat Units and Special Warfare Combat-craft Crewman (SWCC) programs. Each selectee joins as a Candidate and upon completion of training they become Crewman. Each crewman is a trained pilot, engineer, and warfighter.

So Why Boats instead of Ships?

Our program is nautical themed and based on the ‘old world’ sea going traditions. In the day of sail a boat was a utility to support the ship, we are that utility in the 30th century.


Our Charter is forthcoming. Please check out Manifesto for an idea what to expect here.