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Roberts Space Industries

Bright Omen / BRO

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Transport
  • Security


Bright Omen Syndicate is currently considering recruit applications for the agent and specialist positions.


Formed in 2942 by Scornshell, the only survivor of the Vela-Ereb incident, Bright Omen is a small self-organizing group specializing in inter-system transportation and planetary security.

If you possess exceptional skills in the field of inter-system transportation and planetary security you are welcome to submit your resume and we will contact you in the shortest time frame possible.


Upholding the Bright Omen Syndicate values relies on every one of us, everywhere, every day, taking responsibility for our decisions and actions.

All recruits, specialists, electors and other agents and contractors (where they are under a relevant contractual obligation) must adhere to the Syndicate Manifesto.

Electors and retainers must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the people for whom they are responsible are aware of and uphold the behaviours and values outlined in the Manifesto and Charter. Failure to adhere to these behaviours and values will lead to severe punishment and disciplinary actions.

Bright Omen Syndicate respects discipline and enforces various forms of punishment, disciplinary or retaliatory action being taken against anyone for raising or helping create a business misconduct. Retaliation is grounds for discipline, including dismissal, contract termination and forming a bounty contract against such an individual.


We are Bright Omen Syndicate, a self-organizing group of highly skilled and specialized individuals dedicated to discovery, acquisition, development, transport and security of material goods and information.

Our strategy is to own and operate small-to-medium sized, long-life, affordable, expandable, upstream assets diversified by commodity, star systems and market demand.

The existence of Bright Omen Syndicate is based upon the following values:

  • Discipline
    Respecting a strict chain of command, acknowledging the Syndicate order and rules.
  • Integrity
    Doing what we define as right and doing what we say we will do.
  • Performance
    Achieving superior business results by stretching our capabilities and quick, efficient response to any demands presented.
  • Simplicity
    Focusing our efforts on the things that matter most.
  • Accountability
    Defining and accepting responsibility and delivering on our commitments.