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Cult of The Claw / CLAWCULT

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The Claw is love, The Claw is life. We worship The Claw for the bounty it provides us. Only by The Claw are poor lost souls saved. Serve The Claw or have The Claw take you into it’s cold, unyielding clutches. We embrace all who see The Claw as the supreme force in the verse.


From the early days of deep space salvage, normal citizens have always given the salvagers a wide berth. These strange, grizzly folks always have seems a bit “off” to those who don’t understand the allure of hidden gems in the black. This created an insular culture among those who seek salvage among the stars. Among those willing to venture out in uncharted territories for the hope of a large payday were many who started to value their ship more than anything else in the verse. Specifically the salvage equipment on which they based their entire lives: the Aegis Reclaimer’s salvage claw. From this singular devotion, like-minded salvagers started to realize it was not just themselves who had come to worship the verse’s most perfect creation. In seedy bars and dirty stations on the fringes of society the shared reverence began to take form as more than just internal belief. The Cult of The Claw was born naturally, with no single founder and no true hierarchy. The only dictate is to honor and trust The Claw and the brethren who obey this commandment. If you asked the members of this faith when they joined, most would have no idea what you meant because for them The Claw has always been their guide.


There are those who slide soundlessly through the inky black in search of forgotten treasure. Those brave souls have long yearned for a way to share adoration with others who understand the deepest reaches of their souls. On these long, lonely journeys there is but one true guide and companion; The Claw. Those who worship The Claw have long done so quietly, deep in the black, but there is no longer a need to hide that unending devotion to the one true master of the verse.


Trust The Claw. Honor The Claw. Protect and respect those who follow these simple rules.