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Colonization and Mining Guild / CMGUILD

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Welcome to your new employment, we here at Colonization and Mining Guild always strive to do our very best. We offer all kinds of positions for people of all walks. Loyalty, Courage and honor!

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29th Century

Colonization and Mining Guild was created by James Axaran at the age of 40. James has three sons Daniel Axaran who is 5 years of age, Chester Axaran who is 2 years of age and Samuel Axaran who is 1 years of age. Started as a mining company to assist with colonization of other planets.

January 15th – The UEE successfully capture a Qhire Khartu as it had been found derelict and pilotless by a naval recon squadron. It is taken immediately to an undisclosed bunker for further study. The Imperial researchers begin trying to decipher and understand the damaged technology. This location was a Colonization and Mining Guild lab where the ship was studied for future techonolgy.

Colonization and Mining Guild completes its work for Origin Jumpworks of their 200 and 300 lines of personal ships.

30th Century

Colonization and Mining Guild creates its own Security force which doubles as mercenary and bounty hunting contracts for the UEE.

The Dougan Mining Company shuts down after accusations of embezzlement rip the family apart. Gal Dougan begins to pick up work as a contract miner. She starts a contract in the newly established Stanton system and moves into Green Imperial HEX, temporary accommodations for all the contract workers in the area. Colonization and Mining Guild hires Gal Dougan as a contractor. Most of her teachings of mining still are utilized today in Colonization and Mining Guild.

The SynthWorld project is moving slowly and it’s draining the Empire economically. This is the point where our reach starts exceeding our grasp. The disparity between the rich and the poor is reaching an all-time divide, and the poor are reacting with greater and greater frustration. The Vanduul attacks are growing in frequency and the UEE doesn’t seem to be doing a thing about it. Hiring out the Colonization Military Department (CMD) to assist with these threats of the Vanduul.

Samuel Axaran finds out his wife is having a child, Drakxon Axaran is born on March 12, 2922.

Drake Interplanetary lose a UEE “contest”. They incorporate soon after and the Cutlass is re-appropriated as a civilian craft. Jan Dredge becomes CEO, along with a seven member board which consists mainly of designers that had worked on the Cutlass. Drake bases both corporate governance and key factories on Borea. Within nine months, Drake has opened six offworld factories and gained licensed dealerships in nine systems. Colonization and Mining Guild assited in the re-appropriation of the Cutlass for civilians.

BiotiCorp introduce the PurLyfe system. It is in use for less than a month before it is revealed that the system has been too zealous and was removing helpful microbes along with the bad. BiotiCorp implement a massive recall and terminate all sales and manufacture of PurLyfe devices. Despite the negative press, public favor remains with BiotiCorp for their swift handling of the problem and for the way the company rush to help those affected. Colonization and Mining Guild used the Colonial Intelligence Service (CIS) team to infiltrate and spike their blueprints and systems. Creating the forced mass recall of the BiotiCorp PurLyfe systems.

James Axaran dies of a heart attack in his office. His son Daniel Axaran takes over Colonization and Mining Guild at the age of 35 with no children.

Esperia begin manufacturing a replica of the Vanduul Blade. From the engines designed by Colonization and Mining Guild that came from the ship from the undisclosed lab.

Daniel gets assisnated by a member of the BiotiCorp security member as a response to James’s dealings. Colonization and Mining Guild is now take over by his brother Chester Axaran at the age of 37 with no children.

May 31st – With no return ticket, singer Gal Dougan flies to Prime on a commercial transport to appear on the Elira Awards where she performs two songs: “The Day Ahead” from her first album and “Echo” from her latest. She takes a long look at the audience, quietly thanks them, then exits the stage. After exiting the stage, Gal refuses the production transport back to Magnus, saying that she is going to take a personal ship, but all of her ships are accounted for back on her property on Borea. Gal is never seen again. Colonization and Mining Guild had a department prepared and setup to replace Dougan. This department was known as Colonization Economics Department (CED)

RSI release an iteration of the Constellation Phoenix. Colonization and Mining Guild designed the life support system with this craft before the releasing of the Phoenix.

Colonization and Mining Guild assists Origin Jumpworks’ with the main systems for the 85X and is released.

During this time Chester Axaran is in a horrible car accident and dies in the hospital as his brother Samuel Axaran now takes over the company at the age of 48.

RSI broadcasts its Constellation Aquila commercial. With the assistance of Colonization and Mining Guild in designed its flight systems.

Colonization and Mining Guild assisting Origin Jumpworks’ with their production of the 600i series and it is released, including the Explorer and Touring variations. As well assisting the MISC Prospector released and designing the parts for the RSI’s new Corvette – the Polaris, is released.

Colonization and Mining Guild creating the Quantum Drive for the Anvil Aerospace Arrow light fighter. Which is released within this year.

Imperator Election in the United Empire of Earth.
Samuel Axaran is assassinated for supporting a candidate during the Imperator Elections. Drakxon Axaran now takes over Colonization and Mining Guild at the age of 31.

January 1st – Current Imperator Laylani Addison sworn into office.

Drakxon now assisting in contracts with the newly appointed Imperator of the UEE. As well making sure he has a top notch Colonization and Mining Guild Defense Corp for any future issues. Creating the Colonial Shipment Department (CSD). As well he creates the elite force known as the Colonial Defense Marines (CDM) Continuing what his grandfather, father and uncles kept believing and trying to live on in a legacy!


Creating job opportunites for everyone of all walks of life. Loyalty, Courage and honor! We strive to complete all contracts within a timely manner and make sure the client is satisfied with their products or outcomes. We specilize in mining, production, collecting fugitives for the law, providing security details for other companies as well as our own, collecting of resources to create parts or to sell, investigating our assests as well as other companies and transporting services for Colonization and Mining Guild and other companies.


Strategic Oversight Board (SoB):
The board that runs CMG.

Colonization Military Department (CMD):
The military force of CMG. They assist on mining ships and provide security during mining operations.

Colonial Intelligence Service (CIS):
The investigations team of CMG.

Colonization Human Resources (CHR):
The human resources which recruit and deal with problems of CMG.

Colonization Economics Department (CED):
The mining, refining, and production team of CMG.

Colonial Shipment Department (CSD):
The transportation team of CMG.

Colonization Training Department (CTD):
The marketing team of CMG. They also handle training new members in mining or making sure they are fitting into their new departments well.

Colonization Defense Marines (CDM):
The best of the best special operation soldiers of CMG. Most of their operations outside of security duties are classified and only known to the board and command staff of the Military Department.


Imperator of the United Empire of Earth Corporate Charter

I, Erin Toi, the duly elected and qualified United Empire of Earth Imperator, do hereby certify that Colonization and Mining Guild, did on July 8, 2894, file in this office the original Articles of Incorporation; that said Articles of Incorporation are now on file and of record in the office of the Imperator of the United Empire of Earth, and further, that said Articles contain all the provisions required by the law of said United Empire of Earth.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of the United Empire of Earth, at my office on July 8, of 2894 Erin Toi Imperator of the United Empire of Earth

Certified by: Electronic Filing
Certificate Number: C20340123-0987
You may verify this certificate with the United Empire of Earth Administration Department