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The Motörhead II is a corsair fast attack corvette serving as a base for a bunch of scums who are engaging in any kind of small scale unlawful businesses.

OOC: looking for people with small aircraft who want to be part in capital class ship gameplay. Small crew, good cohesion, and coolness advised.


No, we aren’t dead…

Just taking time to write something worth the read.

See’ya in the verse privateers!!


The Motörhead II is actively recruiting, so get on board !

We are a friendly crew and want to be a crew of friends:

You are fed up of huge guilds and organizations where you don’t even know a quarter of the members and where you are a nobody. The Crew of the Motörhead II is planned to be an org of medium size: 20 to 25 active members is all what we need to run a Polaris with a small escort of a few ships. People from anywhere are welcome. English is our main language (even if most of us are not native speakers) and we already have people in America, Europe and Asia.

We basically want to play with cool, responsible and respectful persons where the goal is that all members know each other on a close basis. Everyone can talk and voice their opinions about whatever topic they care of without restriction. We will still have some ranks for the sake of administration purpose and RP but not much for more than that.

We are not casual players and we want to be able to play together as often as possible and be efficient as a crew as much as we can, but we are not hardcore either. We understand that everyone is in the middle of his real life and that means many imperatives more important than playing games. To negate this problem we will organized with everyone on a weekly basis to find playing sessions that can gather the most people to play some meaningful multi-crew actions.

If your are interested by such an experience then join the Crew of Motörhead II now. We’ll start to know and play together first. We still have plenty of time before the release of a flight ready version of the Polaris.


Corsairs For Hire – #CFH

The Motörhead II is a corsair ship. We are pirating for credits on behalf of other people, whatever they are private individuals, organizations, governments and so on.

You’ll say: “So you’re just another bunch of mercenaries!”

Not exactly. We understand and respect that you are hiring us to be much more subtle and discrete than a gang of trigger happy hotheads that got sacked of the military.

We are raiding targets but we are not destroying their assets (exceptionally we do if you pay an extra) just like other pirates would operate. Unlike with an all in, face to face destruction strategy proposed by most mercenary orgs, it will be much more difficult for your enemies to make a clear relationship between our raids and you. You want to keep your hands clean don’t you ?

Our flagship and first asset for raid of great scale is a Polaris. We know that we could use much bigger guns out there, but as stated above we are not here to inflict the biggest destruction possible. Instead, our ship is the best suited in the capital class to raid effectively and keep pursuing parties fruitless, damaging further more your enemies time, resources and moral.

Finally, we don’t shit where we eat ! Meaning:
- First, we are humans and UEE is our home as much as yours. We are not dealing this kind of outlaw business inside boundaries of UEE systems.
- Second, we are serious about our reputation and our clients. Once we’ve worked together, no one will have any information about our agreements and we won’t accept any contract where you could be targeted.


So how does the Motörhead II is organized ?

Well… Basically like any other traditional military focused vessel. All a hierarchy is going down from the captain to the new boys with many ranks in between depending on the ship needs. The discipline outside of the living quarters and during duty hours is high at all time and crew members are constantly asked to behave or they face harsh punishments.


The hierarchy is detailed as followed:

– Captain –

Commander of the ship, he is a leader for the whole crew and take final decisions depending on the situation, most of the time with the advise of the rest of the chief staff. He is responsible for everyone on board and everyone on board must obey him without question. The punishment for not complying is usually to be left in your suit on a near inhabited moon or asteroid with one oxypen and a pistol.

– Chiefs of Staff –

Chief Pilot and Chief Co-Pilot: Those two officers are located on the Motörhead II’s bridge at the pilot and co-pilot seat. They are tasked to drive the ship both in normal cruise and quantum drive. They are choosing directions and paths in accordance with the route designated by the Captain. The Chief Co-Pilot is also responsible of the power and shield management.

Chief Artilleryman: This officer is located on the Motörhead II’s bridge at the remote turret operator seat. He is responsible for coordinating the ship firepower for turrets, missiles and torpedoes. He is in constant radio contact with gunners in turrets and torpedoes room coordinating them during combat missions for designating targets and focus fire on immediate threats.

Chief Comms: This officer is located on the Motörhead II’s bridge at the Comm’s officer seat. He is responsible for communication with other ships and outposts. He is also a combat officer for being in constant radio contact with pilots of escort ships and coordinating them during combat missions for designating targets and focus fire on immediate threats.

Chief Engineer: This officer is located in the engineering part of the Motörhead II and in the torpedoes loading room during combat missions. He is responsible for keeping the ship running during normal and combat duty. He is coordinating the technical team all around the ship and supervise repairs and customization of the ship equipment.

– Quartermasters –

The quartermasters are non-commissioned officers who are closer to the simple men of the crew. They are responsible for the respect of discipline on the ship and carry the punishments. They are all the time assigned with tasks coming from the chief staff. They must be experienced on the field and they often take command of smaller groups of crewmen like boarding or landing parties both in times of peace and combat while the officers stay on board.

– Crewmen –

Crewmen are the deckhands and soul of the Motörhead II. They perform various jobs and take different titles listed here depending on their personal abilities like: Escort ships pilots, Escort ships deckhands, Turret gunners, Engineers, Foot soldiers and many more. They are the largest number on the fleet and they make it run on a daily basis.

– Mates –

They are new members of the crew who still have to prove themselves. They are trained on every stations to learn all the ropes and become familiar with the Motörhead II and its escort ships. Mates often serve as replacements during combat missions and will be placed at the back to look and study actions of more skilled crewmen. After the quartermaster finally found what role they are the best suited for, they finally join their station as legitimate and recognized crewmen.

– Boys –

They are not part of the crew yet but are foreseen to join. Like any organizations behaving on the outskirts of the law, the Crew of the Motörhead II needs a complete confidence in the recruits discretion and dedication to the cause. Coming on behalf of an actual crew member is always better but not mandatory.


Then a couple of people on board have some special titles. Ranks are reserved for fighting personnel and those aren’t fighters.

– Crew Medical Officer –

The Crew Medical Officer is responsible for the well being of the crew on a day to day basis and he is also dispensing medical attention on the field while in combat. Then he is in charge of the injured later on until they don’t need anymore medical care. The Crew Medical Officer also supervise the medical bay and the levels of medical supplies.

– Cook –

The Cook is responsible for the preparation of meals for the crew and more importantly supervise the mess hall and the levels of food and beverage supplies.


OK… So now the OOC, behind the scene brief…

So as stated before we like to roleplay but our actual day by day organization system will not work as written above. This rigid RP ranks chart will be used most likely in case of very serious combat scenario where efficiency and coordination of the crew will be the key of success or for sole RP purposes.

In a daily basis, the Crew of Motörhead II being a friends org, anyone will be allowed to perform any duty they request on the ship in order to have fun and not repeatedly do the same tasks and gameplay because that’s boring.


Finally, we also have a few more titles but they are completely OOC and related to the running of the chats and forums on Spectrum. It is work made by a few people on a volunteering basis whatever is their RP rank.

– Administrator –
They have all access and all rights on the CMII Spectrum.

– Moderator –
They manage members, ranks & roles.

– Recruiter –
They manage applicants.

– Communication –
They manage branding

See you mates !!