Roberts Space Industries

Company Z / COMZ

  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Resources
  • Security

“What does it take to be a champion? Desire, dedication, determination, concentration and the will to win”

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Company Z was founded by like-minded individuals wanting to make the most out of the Verse. Committed to succeeding, these individuals took a leap of faith and set out to create an organization and Company Z was eventually founded.


Our Short Lore

Red lights flash from a sleek cutlass blue Drake. Yellow holo-U.E.E. lines flash around the area. Two Officers haul out a women screaming in cuffs as her husband is rolled out in a body bag. Sitting by the sidelines two kids watch as their parents are hauled off. The U.E.E. officers know they are there but don’t want to deal with all the work of putting more kids in the system. After stealing food for awhile they end up on the U.E.E. radar yet as they thought it was over surrounded by Praetors. An X1 Force drops in from a nearby self-land hanger taking them all out. The man piloting it has a Kastak Arms Ravager-212 Twin on him as he dismounts. Both boys are packing Kastak Arms’ Coda but are smart enough not to try anything on a guy that just killed six officers. He asks them if they would be willing to work for some food and credits. They accept and as the years go on both boys learn the skills they would one day need to become the men they are today.

Uriah looks at his new family with pride at the opening banquet. That moment replays in his head at that self-land hanger where he picked up two trouble makers. After all these years COMZ opens it’s doors for the first time accepting only the best of the best. A tight-knit and successful organization with dedicated leaders and committed members, providing security and plausible deniability. The difficult done immediately, the impossible done by appointment only. Wars fought for reasonable rates, won for slightly higher. Resource acquisition was started by Kiraa with just a dream and hard sweat and tears. FlyDawn helped Kiraa with connections he’s made all over the galaxy. Szeckler soon joins them providing mining prospects. The Kiryu brothers old acquaintances both join providing trade, exploration, and military tactics. However this is not the end, now it’s your turn to add your chapter to the org logs. Be it a bloody tell of your heroics, or a tragic betrayal. Company Z will build upon it or rise above it.


We are a tight-knit and self sustainable Corporation that is committed to excelling in the Star Citizen Universe.

Our leaders are proactive and are capable of helping the people under them succeed. Our members are responsible and mature individuals committed to success and reliability.

Don’t worry if you’re a ‘noob’. We will help you grow. We will help you improve. We will help you succeed. All we need is your commitment.


Company Z members are:

  • Mature individuals who can conduct themselves in an appropriate manner
  • Accountable for all their actions
  • Will never participate in nor tolerate griefing of any form