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Cannon Fodder Clones / COPYCLONES

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Come join the car crash that we have going here.

We have disposable pilots that love nothing more than to fly themselves face-first into an enemy, and if that doesn’t work then we’ve got plenty of people willing to try again!

We have it all! for like 10 seconds, then it all goes to sh!t.


Our history is deep and enriching, its too bad most of us are illiterate goblin monkeys.

You’re interested apply!, we accept almost anyone.


We’re here because no one else wants to be.

Disposable red shirts but also an invaluable family that just so happens to have a funeral everyday, its a good thing we have a big family.

Us clones are just that; clones, we’re the goblins of the Sci-fi world, destructive, greedy and a little mental but still the salt of the earth.

Valuable and shiny are the only things that matter.


Rules, even clones have rules!
1. Don’t blow other clones ships up (unless its really REALLY funny)
2. sharing bounties equally is a must
3. be a pirate if you must but at least be a good one
5. I dont like the number 4
6. have some fun with it