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Roberts Space Industries

Kharon's Creed / CR33D

  • PMC
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Piracy
  • Freelancing

The balance of wealth must be adjusted. Self-sufficient security must be established. Failure to do so will only feed the Creed.


Kharon’s Creed is a combat-oriented org with a competitive mindset.

We desire to push the boundaries of flight combat to their limits.
Taking the unchallenging route is unacceptable— this for those who do not desire to sharpen their skills.
Bringing the competitive community to new heights is our goal.

Determination is praised and ego is frowned upon.

  • Members of the Creed are equal
  • Members of the Creed desire to see improvement in each other
  • We just want to have a great time together without the drama

Here is our Creed:

  • We will NOT gank solo targets in Arena Commander. This is cowardice.
  • We will NOT boost to gain false notoriety. This is deceptive.
  • We will NOT exploit game mechanics to better our chances and statistics. This is weakness.
  • We WILL pursue the next achievements in flight skill
  • We WILL encourage the player base to reach milestones for flight combat
  • We WILL teach the curious and the determined for this benefits us all




To get in touch with the Creed, feel free to join our discord:

Find us in Arena Commander Free Flight and Battle Royale

Players who are determined to learn flight combat are encouraged to reach out and ask questions, information is available.

One on one teaching requests is also welcomed.