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Welcome to CRISEC | Crisis Security.

We’re a dedicated, focused and loyalty driven organisation with the aim to provide a home for our brothers and sisters in arms.
Come join our family.

CRISEC has now opened our doors to new recruits. Would you like to know more?


The History of CRISEC

CRISEC was first established in the year 2019, before the era of space travel as we now come to experience in our daily lives. It was created by a few ex-military veterans who had some deep financial investors. CRISEC was born to allow out of service veterans, as well as new prospective recruits an opportunity to put themselves forward for a cause that they have a say in, not simply shooting at who their government decides is their enemy. Crisis Security soon grew large enough to secure themselves a sizeable base of operations from which they only grew faster; attracting more and more loyal soldiers.

CRISEC soon became such a well known name, that governments all around the world began bidding on the chance to have them on their side. The company never accepted payment from outright terrorists however, taking a firm stance against true illegal activity; this vision continues today with the denial of any allowed piracy. With humanity reaching out into space, CRISEC knew that to cement their name, they must prepare also for the new frontier of space.

Through hard work, loyalty and dedication, Crisis Security continues to operate in both lawful and neutral space, venturing into enemy territory when the money is right. An innocent life is never to be taken, but who decides who is truly innocent?

The Divisions of CRISEC

CRISEC is self-sustaining. This means that we aim to be able to provide ourselves with the tools we need, rather than rely too heavily on others. To do this, we have divisions for every scenario. These include (in no particular order):


It is the role of security to provide just that, security. Whether this means defensive or offensive, this division does what it must to protect CRISEC and its members. Here are just a few of their responsibilities:

  • Fighter Pilots
  • Multicrew Combat Ships
  • On board Ship Security
  • Ground / Atmosphere Security
  • Outpost Protection
  • Escorts and other Security Details


The Intel division is in charge of all things covert, bounty hunting and all things related to data / intelligence gathering. Whilst there are a wide range of what they do, here are the main ones:

  • Secret Agents
  • Gathering intelligence on other organisations / targets
  • Data intelligence
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Exploration
  • Prospecting for miners or searching for potential outpost locations
  • Scouting


Support provides us with all of our medical, engineering and science officers. Their expertise can help keep us alive. Their roles include:

  • Medics & Medical evactuations
  • Support related Botany
  • Component and engineering stations


These are in charge of keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes. They are the unsung heroes of most organisations. They are in charge of the following:

  • Repairing
  • Refueling
  • Rearming / Ammunition
  • Personnel Transport
  • Non-Trading Related Cargo Transport

Trade & Commerce

This is our civilian division. Trade & Commerce focus on exactly what the name suggests. They will often work closely with other divisions to ensure that they are assisted and protected. Some of their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Trading
  • Mining
  • Outpost Construction and Management
  • Reclamation and Salvage
  • Trade Related Cargo