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Red Five / CSFIVE

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

Get that booty by slapping that booty.


Red Five is a team of pirates that started out in Eve years ago. Now moving to Star Citizen with the knowledge of what it takes to survive and prosper as an outlaw.


It seems that many organizations in the universe believe that the only way to play Star Citizen is by being a law abiding citizen.
It is Red Five’s goal to prove those people wrong.
We intend to fly through the verse doing whatever we please, whenever we please, rules are meant to be broken and laws to be ignored.
Red Five will accomplish its goals by any means necessary. If we set our eyes on a hauler full of drugs, or other loot, we will steal it or destroy it. If someone enters our territory they will leave or die.
Everything we do, helps us stay at that beautiful Red Five.


1. Respect each other
2. Money then kills
3. Nothing else matters