Da Freebooterz / DAFREEBOOT

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Piracy
  • Smuggling

We’re da best. Think diffrent do ya? Come and have a go then, ya runty little wimp!

Discord: https://discord.gg/SarPPqq


The composition of Freebooter bands can vary greatly depending on their origin and history; some are the remnants of shattered warbands, others are eccentrics or fugitives from society.

Freebooterz forsake their previous Clan and tribal allegiances and usually wear a distinctive style of dress to emphasise this, often decorating themselves with ear and nose rings, Jolly symbols and flamboyant clothing.

As Freebooterz often don’t have access to Painboyz or Mekboyz; their injuries frequently have to be patched up in a temporary manner, thus many Freebooterz sport eyepatches, peg-legs or hook hands. Freebooter bands are often led by a Kaptin, these individuals are even tougher, more ruthless and foul tempered than the rest of their brethren and are usually even more ostentatiously attired, frequently favouring large hats and voluminous coats in which they conceal numerous weapons and flasks of fungus rum.

The starts of this freebooter group began a long time ago.
A corporation group sent to fight for credits/profits/quotas.
Like all groups that fight you have the fighters for honour and justice
and the fighters that do it for power.

The corporation had sent there employees out on another errand for credits.
Defend against/exterminate (all means the same to me) the Vanduul swarm.
Lets just say that day the swarm where better.
They shattered the fighters, corporation devowed all knowledge and left them to rot.

You see some took a look in the mirror and bowed there head. Thinking im not doing this for credits, for profit or a company.
Never again will we be bought! I think they created some group of traders and protectors.
Personally i looked in the mirror and smiled. Instead of a corporation takin the credits.
I will take the credits for myself.
No matter who.
I aint working for no one. No man in an office getting more credit then me.
I take what i want. I kill what i want and i live free.



Loot, loot and more loot.
oohhh and shinys… and teef!

What we cant take we will unleash the DAKKA!


Who’s asking! gitz look likez a coppa