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DarkBolt Solutions / DARKBOLT

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You have problems. We have DarkBolt Solutions.



Parent organization to several subsidiaries, designed to provide a full-spectrum experience of gameplay with in the Star Citizen Universe.


We’re all here to have a good time, right? Nevertheless, each group defines their “good time” differently. The DarkBolt definition is as follows:

1. We, first and foremost, are assets to our members. We make the team great when we make each member great and help them to achieve THEIR in-game goals.

2. We respect the organization and structure that allows us to use teamwork to achieve advanced and otherwise unattainable gameplay experiences.

3. We are a groundswell of information and comradery for our members in a mature and friendly environment.

4. We provide the full spectrum of experience to all levels of interest and commitment, from the casual player to the hardcore combatant.

5. We provide experienced leadership that can give members all the tools and guidance they need to succeed.

6. We don’t take everyone. We hand pick and thoroughly acclimate new members to ensure we are the right fit for them, and they for us.


The code of conduct establishes required, acceptable and ethical behavior of the members of this organization. Its purpose is to protect its members, the organization’s reputation and the community at large from language and conduct that is hurtful, unsportsmanlike and disrespectful. The following articles will be enforced within the DarkBolt community, extends to all members and is non-negotiable.

ARTICLE 1 INTEGRITY-There is zero tolerance for any member that cheats, hacks or exploits any game that DarkBolt operates in for an unfair advantage. You cannot personal information meta game, attempt to access personal information of any kind for derogatory means, or break any games’ EULA or Terms of Service. This conduct will result in your immediate expulsion and you will be reported to any and all interested governing bodies.

ARTICLE 2 RESPECT- You represent DarkBolt. As such, language and conduct should be of a respectful nature to both DarkBolt members, and members of any gaming communities DarkBolt belongs to. Excessive use of profane language or behavior that is overtly sexual, political or religious in nature, as well as discrimination of any kind, will result in remedial action up to and including your dismissal from the organization.
Members will not discriminate or harass other organization members or the members of any gaming community that DarkBolt operates in regardless of their rank, age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, and socioeconomic status.

ARTICLE 3 SPORTSMANSHIP- Overt and/or excessive displays of anger are discouraged. Do not goad, gloat, or participate in any verbal “pissing contests” with other players. If your actions are fueled by anger, butt-hurt or ego you are probably wrong. If it is something that makes tactical sense, it’s probably not un-sportsmanlike in DarkBolt terms. Sportsmanship, however, is tough to clearly define. Many people consider “stream sniping” un-sportsmanlike behavior, for instance, but DarkBolt does not.

ARTICLE 4 STREAMING- DarkBolt operations will not be live streamed. Video taken of operations are reserved to commander specified members only. If you and/or a few friends stream out in the verse by yourselves, no problem. DO NOT CRY if you are sniped. If you video or stream anything where anyone can hear ongoing organized operations, or comms go tactical due to an engagement, either stop the stream/recording or remove yourself from that operation immediately.

ARTICLE 5 AGREEMENT- DarkBolt requires that you officially agree to adhere to these articles of conduct in order to obtain/retain your membership.