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Federation of the Rising Dawn / DAWNBREAK

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*Ad astra et ultra.
To the stars and beyond.*


As a direct response to the continued failings of the UEE and the despotic ruling of Ivar Messer and his descendants, powerful members of society banded together in order to form a secret society that would act as a guiding hand for all of mankind.

  • Quietly, but powerfully, these influential figures manipulated the course of many government and civil affairs in order to drive humanity towards a future where they would not be so quickly maligned and disparaged by their galactic neighbors. The Order of the Rising Dawn was created in 2619, by its founding members Aros Black and Aleksander Anauros. Their society operated effectively in many ways, but most effectively political lobbying, manipulating market prices, and interfering with the Messer propaganda machine.

  • By secretly aiding in the dispersal of anti-government propaganda, Rising Dawn played a firsthand part in the downfall of the Messer era that had plagued their personal business endeavors with oppressive government taxation and aggressive policing for hundreds of years. They were also heavily supportive of Terra’s efforts in ending the Xi’an Cold War, mainly due to the business reservations held by its founders in Terra, as well as the havoc that would have been wreaked there were Terra the frontlines of the war. After surviving and learning from the Second Tevarin War, the Order of the Rising Dawn’s founding members would vow to push humanity towards dominance through peace and relations with neighbors, leaving militaristic responses as a final recourse provided that there were no other options. Humanity has become strong, and it must learn the responsibility of it’s power.

While initially supporting the policies of Erin Toi after the downfall of the Messer era, the members of Rising Dawn would quickly grow weary of the actions of the reformed UEE. Their attempts post Messer era to mend damaged interspecies relations were often interpreted as forced, and even uncouth. Many of the decisions were also ones made out of pure ideology, with little consideration for their practicality in either application or budget, such as the Ark, or Synthworld : Chronos III

  • With these important considerations, Rising Dawn began to emerge from the shadows in order to manipulate the course of mankind for the better. Taking great advantage of the regular weaponization of civilian ships, Rising Dawn began to build a militia, which would offer its services and protection to all those in need. These needs often multiplied exponentially in the systems that lie outside of the jurisdiction of the UEE, leading to the militarization, rebranding, and eventual public reveal of the formerly secret society.

  • In the modern age, Rising Dawn has continued to practice these philosophies of strength, determinism, and expansion. Taking with this growth the understanding that their responsibilities should extend beyond secretive manipulations, the Federation of the Rising Dawn was born. With a dedication to a fair and balanced order of power and hierarchy, no member of the society would be too important; no member would be devoid of purpose.

  • The Stanton system recently saw its share of the UEEs lawlessness firsthand, and the Federation of the Rising Dawn took this opportunity to showcase its military might. The Vanguard Fleet was comprised of an Aegis Hammerhead as its temporary flagship, a Valkyrie for boarding and cargo, several Retaliators, and many fighters interweaved into the battle group. The tactical proficiency and unbreakable determination of the FRD Navy played a pivotal role in the expulsion of Xenothreat from Stanton.

Many in the system are proud of the victory, but the Federation of the Rising Dawn sees the consequences of the UEEs failings, and understands that this is not the first attack our freedom has faced, nor will it be the last. Xenothreat could attack again, or maybe even the Vanduul would be the next adversary on our doorstep. As they were needed in this case, civilians will be called upon again. When the time comes, will you be ready? The Federation of the Rising Dawn is accepting membership applications of all types. Apply today. Your future awaits.


Our Federation is dedicated to the success of our members by any means necessary, and our ultimate goal of becoming our own sovereign state and establishing ourselves as an early economic and military superpower. In the meantime, we will continue our recruitment efforts, amass funding, and provide the services of the most dependable freelancers mankind has to offer.


For now our Federation has only one rule: use common sense.